Saturday, December 23, 2006

Listening to Understand that You Understand

How do you let someone know, to experience, to actually hear that you understand, when he's so sure that you're not listening that he can't stop beating out his message, pulling it in like staccato waves on racky sand. How can you calm his waters so that he stop himself from interrupting, so that he can breathe long enough to do what he's afraid that you are not -- to process the words you are saying. to understand?

--me strauss Letting me be


Tell No One said...

Duck tape and back scratchins. :)

A quote from Conversations With God
God said -
"I cannot tell you My Truth until you stop telling me yours"

This one quote meant more to me than anything else I read in the book. The book was brimming with wisdom in every page, though this one sentence was what stuck with me.


ME Strauss said...

What wisdom
Thank for helping me. I'll remember it too. . . .:)