Saturday, December 17, 2005

Time for Memories

Time goes by so quickly this time of year. The days are short. The things to do are many. I worry that something is going missing. Time is such a precious thing, and we have so little of it. I keep trying to find more, seeing how I might make some.

Then I stop to breathe. I let myself be fully present. I listen for those I love.

I hear their sounds . . . disconnected moments in the past.

On the porch in Massachusetts when my husband fixed my glasses:
I hear my son say,“ So, you finally found a use for him.” How we laughed.

When I wrote a poem for a kindergarten lesson:
“You think you’re five, but you’re only four-thirty,” joked my husband.

My father saying, “If you sleep on the floor, you never have to worry about falling out of bed.”

On our anniversary, when my older, older brother said, “Tell your husband he chose wisely.”

I used to think of time as so big, so unending, so forward moving. But it's not, not really. Time is not an unbending road. Time is moments with the ones we love chained together. Time is what we have to make a life meaningful.

I don’t need to make more time. I need to make more memories.

—me strauss Letting me be


mergrl said...

I don’t need to make more time. I need to make more memories

just excellent Liz, and as always thank you for sharing your memories with us (hugs)

fineartist said...

This was a confort to read.

Thank you Liz.

Mr. Bloggoing said...

Yes I agree with the fine artist, your writting is very interesting I also like the title of your blog.

ME Strauss said...

Hello mergrl,
Sorry, I missed you. Thank you for saying so. I was writing something totally different when this one wrote itself.

ME Strauss said...

Thank you, Lori,

It felt like a comfort to write.
I sure wanted to be written.

ME Strauss said...

Hello Jeff,
Welcome. We have a good group here and talk about interesting things.
Thank you for noticing.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Beautiful memories.
Wonderful reveries.

God bless.

Doug said...

I want the last line of that post framed.

ME Strauss said...

Thank you, Orikinia,
It's so nice to see you again.
Happy Holidays!

ME Strauss said...

Hi Doug,
There's a really good possiblity I might be able to do that for you.

Mark Daniels said...

Very nice post, Liz. God bless!

Mark Daniels

ME Strauss said...

Thank you, Mark.
Thank you.

Spitler said...

that was such a beautiful sentiment. sometimes the most important things are the hardest to say because words diminish their meaning. it's hard to make a stranger care about the good things in your life. but you sure did a hell of a good job there.

ME Strauss said...

Hi Spitler,
You're only a stranger once.
Welcome to the blog!
Thanks for what you said. I appreciate it. Your words mean a lot.

Bluesky_Liz said...

>> Time is such a precious thing, and we have so little of it. I keep trying to find more, seeing how I might make some.

The sooner one is able to realise this the better. I've seen to have grown more conscious of it lately than I was when I was younger.

Interesting post. Inspiring, because I think that writing can help me to preserve some of my early memories, before I leave them behind like some I already have. Thank you for your thoughts.

ME Strauss said...

Hi Liz,
I always value the way you hwar what I write and what you take from my words. You bring so much insight to what you read that I learn from what you say.
Thank you.

garnet david said...

I agree with taking more time.

Sometimes it takes a lot of time to recoup all the time you lost being so busy. That's the way I feel now.

My life was more unbalanced than I thought. I'm fine, just very, very selfish right now. Good thing for me. Not good for my friends. Oh well...

I hope you are well, dear Liz. I had a mysterious fever yesterday.
so I'm taking time to make chicken soup from scratch, and I'm gonna watch some shallow movies and veg (a word I simply don't know the meaning of) on the couch.

seeyaround, sweet Liz,


ME Strauss said...

Sweet Garnet,
We know you have your winter things to do. I'm sorry that you're not feeling well. Take care of you and let yourself get well. I'll still be here waiting for your sweet face.