Friday, August 19, 2005

The 65th Crayon Is Out There

The 65th Crayon is out of the box. Well, of course, he’s out of the box. That’s why he’s the 65th Crayon—only 64 come in the box. You might have spotted him earlier on the blog. His picture ran with a post I wrote titled, “Doing It Right.”

He’s a bit of a rebel that one, full of joie de vivre. Usually he hangs around my desk, pestering me to have fun, reminding me of all of the opportunities we have to play. But this week I have had some work to do. So, he’s gone exploring on his own. He left in such a hurry; he forgot his sunglasses.

He said he was heading off in the direction of Technorati. But that doesn’t mean much. He’s such a curious sort that he’s likely to get distracted by a thousand things on the way. He could end up at BoingBoing or talking to Clive at GoneAway before he ever makes it to Technorati. It’ll be interesting to see just where he goes.

I’d tell you to keep an eye out for him, but there’s no point. You wouldn’t notice him right next to you, Being the 65th crayon, he can change color to match his environment. He’s like a crayon super spy.

The 65th Crayon—he’s my hero and my alter ego rolled into one.

—me strauss Letting me be


Gone Away said...

Delightful post, full of invention and playfulness. And that 65th crayon must be related to me - he has some curiously chameleon-like qualities... ;)

And thanks for the link!

ME Strauss said...

Why thank you kind, sir. I do believe you might be a 65th Crayon type yourself. Don't be surprised if he does show up asking questions. He makes me look dull and uninterested.

Pleasure to send you a link.

Ned said...

Oh dear, you were hit with the dreaded spam commenters. I have seen an increasing number of them in Blogger lately.

A nice post, I am not sure what crayon I am but I do miss my coloring books and Burnt Sienna.

ME Strauss said...

Loved your story about kids and communicaiton. Glad to see you came by!


Mark said...

When I was in Kindergarten I shoved the 65th crayon up my nose. That’s why there are only 64 in the box now. BTW, I’ve never been the same since that day but I do dream in Technicolor so it wasn’t all bad I guess.

ME Strauss said...

When you know more about the 65th Crayon, you'll know how truly delightful that comment is.

No worries. The 65th Crayon is invincible.


Maria Palma said...

It's quite funny that I come across your post after just opening a new box of crayons that I've had for months now! I realized that I needed to go back to my childhood whims and I had fun, fun, fun...

ME Strauss said...

Thank you, Maria,
It's also funny that I needed that reminder from you this morning that I should have fun, fun, fun in my life as well. :)

Angela Brooks said...

Liz I am having a ball reading your thoughts - thank you for the giggles - I needed that

ME Strauss said...

Hi Angela!
Great to see you! Thanks for stopping by. :)