Saturday, August 20, 2005

Knowing and Believing

What the mind yearns for most
is not to know,

but to believe.
Gustav Holst, about his musical
composition, Neptune, The Mystic

What the soul yearns for most
is not to believe,
but to know.

Yesterday I saw someone have an epiphany.

He gave himself permission to know what he knows.
He deleted data that was making him get in his own way.
He became every word that means
I am glad I got to see that. It was a nice reminder.

—me strauss Letting me be


Mark said...

Oh how I agree with this statement Liz.

What the soul yearns for most
is not to believe,
but to know.

Knowledge is stronger than belief. There is more power present in knowledge. Knowledge is devoid of doubt whereas one can believe without certainty. There is an unspoken hopefulness that flows through believe. Knowledge is black and white. Belief is varying shades of grey.

I’ll take knowing over believing any day.

ME Strauss said...

Wow Mark, thanks for your comments.

I've never really talked much with anyone about these two sentences.
I've been arguing with myself over those two sentences since 1972. As soon as I read the first, I wrote the second after it in my journal. On different days I believe the other is the one that drives me. I don't think they can be separated. Knowing without believing is as awful as believing without knowing.

I've been listening to the Planets all day. BTW. This is just a prelude to one I'm posting later tonight.

Thanks again,

Mark said...

There was a time when believing was everything to me. I was passionate in my belief. Sadly there is not much I believe anymore. There is an abandon that comes with belief that I do miss though.

ME Strauss said...

Well, then I guess I'm going to have to be balancing the world out for another of my slightly cynical friends . . . is that what I'm hearing?

Mark said...

Indeed it is. But I need some balance in that area so go for it.

ME Strauss said...

No worries. Once you realize that the hard knocks come no matter which path you take, the whole thing gets easier. And the view is much better on the believer side of the fence.


Gone Away said...

Knowledge is hard-edged and certain; belief is as difficult to grasp as a cloud. And yet, there comes a time when when belief becomes so certain that all knowledge serves it. That time is called "faith".

ME Strauss said...

Thanks Gone. That's beautiful and well said. So by your definition I could call my wide-eyed belief in faith in the world. I would agree with that.