Saturday, June 18, 2011

You Might Not Know My Friends

You might not know my friends when you first meet them. You might not know them ever. But I know them well.

You might know them because you've never seen them, or talked to them, or listened as they tell the stories that make them who they are. Or maybe you have and you just weren't there.

You might not know my friends even if you met them as a child, gone to school with them, shared a house or worked in their store.

You may have spent years right next to them without seeing the friends I see.
I saw them within seconds -- sometimes before we said hello.

Is the same true of your friends?

We might never know.

letting me be, me liz strauss


Anonymous said...

very true of my friends.friendships can be found anywhere even on Twitter.

Neal Alan Spurlock said...

Nice piece, Liz. It captures the reality yet abstraction of these relationships.

Deb Ng said...

This is so timely, Liz. I received word today that my oldest friend passed away. I'm so incredibly sad, but so happy and fortunate we remained friends for over 40 years - and a world apart.

Thank you for sharing the spirit of friendship.