Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lines and People


I've always been fascinated by lines. I like how they separate and define spaces, how they turn as you move to change your perspective. I like the ways lines can become their own spaces between spaces. With a little imagination, lines can take me places in the same ways that lines move my eyes.

Lines are like people in the way that lines that have a purpose are more interesting than lines that do not. Randomness is lovely in people and lines, but lack of commitment is not.

Lines can enclose safe spaces or draw boundaries that give meaning.

Perhaps that's what people are doing when they draw lines around themselves.

Lines are filled with power and potential, like people.

And some have rough edges ...
But the ones that get softer over time, or in certain lights, I admire.

-- letting me be, me liz strauss

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Paula Lee Bright said...

Have you ever noticed that within a conjunction of lines, such as tiles in a floor or a wall, or roads or fields from a plane, you can envision wildly different pictures from one occasion to the next? Or even within the same long, thoughtful gaze.

It's like the way a cloud changes quickly, both physically and though your own eyes, into one thing, then another, and another and another.

Yet lines don't change the way clouds do. It all comes from our marvelous brains: the memories, the knowledge, the patterns, the ways we feel and experience things.

Your post reminded me how much I love to daydream with lines or shapes or patterns, and drift along with whatever my soul makes of it.

Thanks for the reminder! I'm at a lake, and this is the perfect place to do just that. Now! Ah, look how many glorious stories the water has to tell me.