Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Center of the Universe

When I am the center of the universe, everything revolves around me. I can do no thing, nothing wrong. I don’t need to think, ponder, or consider one thing, any thing, anything. I’m what things are about and all things are about me, me, me.

Here at the center, I don’t really know that I’m thinking such things, but all of my thoughts are that my thoughts are the only ones that really count.

I am beginning and end. I am gravity. My marvelous, magnetic personality draws in everyone like invisible magic.

Compassion, forgiveness. I lose sight of them. Don’t need them. When things go wrong it’s really a problem of folks who need sorting out. When I show them the right point of view, they understand how wonderfully everything works. It’s amazing how it never crosses my mind that another universe might have another center.

Until, slam, bam, whoosh, uh-oh, what? Someone misinterpreted something I said. Someone called me a fool, and I was in some way. I missed something wonderful someone did. My universe was nothing but the legend of me in my head. I was wrapped up, rolled up, and totally upside down, thinking my life, my problems, my details were what the universe is about. When it came to folks who needed sorting, I was the one. It’s amazing how it never crossed my mind that the universe might not agree with my every little thought.

It might be nice, for a moment, to imagine that I might be what NASA calls a glitzy, glamorous galaxy.

It’s nicer to care about other people

−me strauss Letting me be


Anonymous said...

My universe was nothing but the legend of me in my head.

Liz, this is a wonderful line. Legends always start from some kernel of truth and then become exagerated with each retelling. Makes for a good laugh when I think about how much of my universe is legend. :)

However, the image of belonging to a galaxy places us in relationship with gazillions of others, and that feels much more like truth than legend. Thanks!

"ME" Liz Strauss said...

Hi Dawn,
That photo really is called "Glitz, Glamorous Galaxy" by NASA. That totally cracked up. What legencary galaxy that must be. And it doesn't even have a head!

Anonymous said...

You are both & neither anyway but I think I know what you're saying.

A peace beyond peace will come to us all, one day. Until then it's all just life, however we call it.

"ME" Liz Strauss said...

No, I think I am both and both mos thoroughly and completely. Bashful and outspoken, childlike and mature. It's human to be a paradoxical being.

Twit said...

Please ignore me; sometimes I talk pure pants :[

"ME" Liz Strauss said...

Ah, twit,
Nothing wrong with what you said, I considered it, because that's what I thought too at first. Then after thinking about it, I realize, maybe not. None and both is probably true for all of us about most things -- including the fact that we both talk wise and talk pants. :)

I like your urban dictionary A LOT!

Anonymous said...

Of course I'm the center of the universe. I still believe the Earth is flat. How about that?

Just kidding... it takes a lot of raw courage to change one's perspective, cuz one is so 'wrapped up, rolled up' as Liz puts it. And to look outside, one needs help and should be willing, rather than able, to identify and accept it when it arrives.

Someone, once in a while, will tell me what I did wrong. Those are the people who do something for nothing.

While "it’s nicer to care about other people", it's also nice to feel grateful.