Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Floating Flower

Like a floating flower, I'm not quite sure where I stand. My feet aren't touching the ground. Where are you?

I float, open and waiting.

Is this the way I was meant to be?

Like a floating flower in a sea of inky black. I have nothing to tie me down and nothing to hold me up.

I am open. I let the waiting float away.

I float free. I am a flower floating.
--me strauss Letting me be


Anonymous said...

Sometimes when you're floating waiting, wondering you can end up in the most unexpected places having the most unexpected adventures.

ME Strauss said...

Hi Easy!
That's so true!
That's what the waiting is all about, isn't it? :)

Dawn said...

I float, open and waiting.

That sentence is like prayer to me. To float implies trust. To be trustful, open and waiting speaks of paying attention. Prayer is paying attention to what goes on within me and around me. When I'm in that space, I don't need to feel my feet touch the ground. I am free.

ME Strauss said...

Hi Dawn,
Little did I know how much I was praying when I wrote that. My feet were far from the ground I wanted to be free. Praying is a wish to be free as much as it is an actualization. :)

dsnake1 said...

Hmm, do i detect optimism and trust here, letting the waters or currents carry where they bring you to? :)

ME Strauss said...

Oh Dsnake!
Optimism and trust? Me? I'm so smiling. . . . :)

It could be. :)