Saturday, July 21, 2007

A View of Green Grass

Flat on the ground, eye level with the green, green grass of summer, I don't like the feel of all of that. I'm too sensitive. Every breeze makes a blade of grass move over me. I'm too aware of it. When I know I'll be in the grass, I wear jeans, sneakers, and socks so I can be aware of something else. Otherwise I'm too distracted.

Yet one day I sat in the grass with a young man . . . handsome and tall. I was even more sensitive. Every breeze was a wonder to watch as each bold blade moved. It was majestic. It was romantic. I was anticipation. We read a book together. We talked and drank wine. Then we fell forward to look through every blade of green chins on our hands like children. The grass looked wonderful from eye level. It was majestic. It was romantic. It was memorable.

Some things depend on your point of view. Ummm.
--me strauss Letting me be


Dawn said...

I suspect most things depend on your point of view. There's a saying I heard once, I think it's supposed to have African roots, that says, "What you see depends on where you stand." I've never forgotten that. I see the truth of it all the time, and have to remind myself daily that we all stand in different places. No one stands in my place and sees what I see, or I in theirs.

Also, we can mask the effects of experiences with our metaphorical jeans, sneakers, and socks, but then, when the moment is just right, we experience something in its'fullness and wonder what we'd been hiding from.At least, that's how it is with me.

ME Strauss said...

Hello Dawn,
Welcome to the morning!
Wow! No one sees what I see. No one thinks my thoughts. . . . You brought so much to this little story. I'll be thinking of it all day long. :)

Janus Torrell said...

with some good wine everything has a new view with me :)

ME Strauss said...

Exactly, Janus! :)

dsnake1 said...

you opened my eyes, Liz. :)

yes, we see things differently from different angles. sometimes we find things we don't see in the first place.

ME Strauss said...

Aw Dsnake,
We all forget that, especially when we're invested in not knowing. :)

Anonymous said...

The smell of grass is there - even if you hardly notice it. And it blends extremely well with wine, I think..

ME Strauss said...

Hi Both Eyes!
We're humans with five senses and we sometimes forget that. :)

Bungi said...

I've never looked at grass from that angle! Thanks for the new perspective... Will check it out when i find grass... :)

ME Strauss said...

Hi Bungi!
What fun! I think it's like being a lion in the wild . . . or a bunny. :)

Dr.John said...

And who you view with.

ME Strauss said...

Hi Dr. John!
Definitely an operative phrase. :)

Zakman said...

Dawn: You couldn't have said it more succintly. We can escape the truth. But the truth will never escape us.

Janus: With any wine - fine, bad, old or stale or ugly - everything has a new view with me. I'm not saying it's always a nice view.

I'm never very comfortable at "Letting me be... " I'd rather be someone else.

Inspired by Woody Allen.

ME Strauss said...

Hi Zakman,
Thanks for checking it. Do tell Woody that he can't be someone else only a bad attempt at a copy. :)