Wednesday, June 20, 2007

So Close Up

I wonder what it's like to be real, without people looking. I know for a moment or two every once in a while. . . .

Do they know? Do you think they know? I don't think they do.

When the words work backwards, and the math comes in cascading colors and I know how to explain the music of the stars, it doesn't matter. The joy is extravagant, extraneous, extra, so extraordinary, not ex-trordinary, but extra-ordinary, as in beyond. Every branch, every twig of every small tree waits quivering in the almost dawn, especting the sun at any moment, but it's not there. The rain comes instead.

But the rain isn't a sadness.

It's a shower. It's clean air and a ligher sky flled with hope, telling me my heart is right, my heart is true to north, to my soul. Could it be? Could it please be?

And the sun is joy.

Not like the stars or the moon, like the sun, it shines.

On my face, on the twig, drops of water magnify and make me brave when the world is close up. I turn my head a bit and I find by design reflections of who I am.

So close up, it seems that my heart wants to make the world even closer.
--me strauss, Letting me be/Thinking


Anonymous said...

Your post sings. The music reverberates inside me. It reflects upside down just as the raindrops do. It's like magic.I leave here feeling refreshed.

ME Strauss said...

Hi Anonymous!
Thank you. Refreshing is the feeling that comes after a nice rain shower. What a lovely choice of words. :)

dsnake1 said...

Liz, there's so much joy and hope in those words.

" But the rain isn't a sadness."
this is lovely. i wrote something about rain in the last post in my blog, and it certainly isn't about sadness.:)

ME Strauss said...

Hi Dsnake,
I did feel joyful when I wrote it and I still do. I'm smiling to hear that heard it. :)

Dr.John said...

A great blog entry. You make things like rain come alive and fill them with meaning.

ME Strauss said...

Dear Dr. John,
Thank you so for reading. I amfeeling like yuo are a friend already.

Anonymous said...

I've always like the rain. I love those rain droplets that hang on the trees and reflect everything in them in tiny little globes.

- Blue Sky

ME Strauss said...

Thanks anonymous.
I so like certains rains too. :)

Anonymous said...

Well said, Liz :) In summer you will sometimes have rain and sunshine at the same time. Maybe there is sunshine in each raindrop even when the sky is dark ~

ME Strauss said...

Aw, Both eyes,
That's a beautiful way to start my day with "sunshine in every raindrop." Thank you for that image. :)

billy said...

this is amazing work.

ME Strauss said...

Hi billy!
Thank you. Glad to see you again. :)

bea n. random said...

Good Morning, Liz,

What a lovely, image-stimulating, thought-provoking blog. The perfect way to set my chi for the weekend :o) I've come away from reading your observation feeling calm and cleansed. thank you for allowing your insight to rain on us.....

bea :o)