Friday, February 16, 2007

Rainbow of Clouds Inside, Above, and All Around Me

Here it comes, a feeling, rolling in like clouds on a sunny blue day. It’s a lucky one. I can tell already. I can tell by the energy and the light, bright, childhood, “let’s go out and play” chemistry that seems to run through my inner being. I sit at my keyboard, thinking. Anyone could see me here. Totally and physically present. Except . . . I’m miles and a few decades away in my backyard.

My imagination is in charge of me. I’m most certainly not.

Creativity is a magic that overtakes me in a rush. It’s much like the way that it used to be when I ran down the hill of the vacant lot beside the house where I grew up. Feel the wind in my face. It’s as it’s meant feel. Feel the gravity pulling me. I’m almost flying with it, and I don’t hardly touch the ground. As I’m going all things that I pass by are simply a blur of colorful blends and splashes in my side view mirror.

Then I reach the bottom of that hill still running full out and puffing. Then I lay in the grass to savor the experience of having a brand new idea – that’s when the colors come. The idea bursts wide open., and suddenly, I fall back onto the ground, ecstatic!

I have a rainbow of amazing clouds inside, above, and all around me.

Nothing can explain the beauty of an idea being born.
−me strauss Letting me be


Dawn said...

I hear exhilaration in your words and see it in the photo.

Nothing can explain the beauty of an idea being born.

You're right about that. Nothing can explain the beauty or the sense of rightness and even urgency that our whole body knows when we're in the process f giving birth to something new. It takes over everything. Your post describes it perfectly.

ME Strauss said...

Hi Dawn,
New ideas are indeed heady and chemical, magical, and thrilling. I have think that innovation is part of our instinct as well as part of our ability to think.

We are creatures evolving, but we also so much of what we were until this very moment. :)