Sunday, February 25, 2007

In Just a Minute

In just a minute, I will look out the window to see the sky, above a lake that goes on forever. In just a minute . . . in one more minute, I will take a look at something that people could never make or imagine in their wildest dreams.

There it waits for me over my shoulder. I can hear it in the silence of my mind stretching, breathing. I can feel in the space between my fingers as I type this line that I am thinking. In just a minute, I will be back inside me . . . and again outside my window, dreaming as I did when I was just a kid saying to my mom I would go to bed, "in just a minute."

In just one more minute, I will be.

I will be in just one minute.
--me strauss Letting me be


dsnake1 said...

why do we always say "just a minute.", seldom "just a second" or "just an hour"? :)

like the other day my colleagues were waiting for me to go out for lunch, and i said "just a minute", and they waited for about 15 minutes because the other guy at the end of the line was holding me up.

ME Strauss said...

hi Dsnake,
Yeah, we don't really mean what we say, do we? We don't really think about the other person when we say "just a minute." When I say to myself, I'm hoping I mean soon, but I know I don't.

Just a minute is a really long time.