Saturday, January 27, 2007

25 Words: Push

25 words

It doesn't seem like I push,
in the end, when I'm tired,
I just keep walking.
It's me pulled, not me pushing.
I would rather be dancing.
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

--me strauss Letting me be


Vlad said...

Interesting...i like.

ME Strauss said...

Thank you, vlad!

Dawn said...

Liz, you sure pack a lot into 25 words! I know what you mean about the difference between pushing and being pulled. It's almost like gravity - there's no choice involved - you just go. And you never know where you're going to end up until it's over! :)

ME Strauss said...

Hi Dawn,
Yeah, there's being pulled into the mess, and being pulled forward into the future, and being pulled in too many directions at once. Lots of pulling I can feel, but not mush pushing. :)

Janus Torrell said...

I prefer pushing, but that's because I am a terrible dancer and I have the photos to prove it

ME Strauss said...

I let you push, Janus and I'll sit in the swing! :)

Jessica said...

Pushing and pulling reminds me of "Is the glass half empty or half full". With pushing and pulling what is in between?

What is the force? What happens if we let go? Strength perhaps but more likely energy that could perhaps be trust.

ME Strauss said...

Trust? Jessica, how interesting!
You were listening on a new level. You brought a new powem to me. Thank you. Yes. Trust indeed. :)