Friday, December 08, 2006

Melting My Heart

I was only talking, sharing what little I seemed to have experienced. You were listening, listening for what you call wisdom. You happened by while I was doing my talking. You stopped to do some of your listening.

Soon we were in a most amazing conversation. Words and feelings were passed from you to me to you to me until they were just our words in a pool of friendship. We got to know one another in ways that people rarely do, because we dared to do. It is a thrilling and marvelous experience. Something that others don’t know about, though they might think that they do.

Which leaves us with hardly any words to describe it. How could there be words to describe something that no one has ever needed to describe? Yet before I even had this question or thought about it, before I even let the idea cross my consciousness, you knew you were past the beginning and to the perfect middle.

Head and heart came together at last for you. And you chose the perfect was to say so in four simple words that weren’t an answer but a declaration. It melted my heart like a sun on the first warm winter day. All I could is smile with my watery eyes.

You said, “I love you too.”
−me strauss Letting me strauss


Dawn said...

Your words and photo are perfect for one another.
In those moments when head and heart come together, truly amazing things happen.

ME Strauss said...

Words can melt even a warm heart when they touch with feeling that is genuine an unexpected. Especially words that we didn't know, but wanted to hear. :)

Tell No One said...

:) If you could see this wide open smile!!! All you'd see is teeth

ME Strauss said...

I see it in my mind's eye.
I'm smiling back. :)