Thursday, December 07, 2006

Crumpled Idea

When I have an idea, it’s private. It’s my very own. I work with it inside, precious and silent. If it’s unfinished, I chose carefully those I share it with. Childhood has taught me that people can be insensitive.

My work begins with a proverbial blank sheet of paper. An open thought, an idea waiting to happen. I get a glimpse of the power and the work of creation. I get a heartfelt look at the commitment it takes to invest in making something come to be. It takes gentleness. It takes time and cajoling. It takes forgiving and overcoming self-doubt.

Every idea forces me to choose my ego to give the idea legs to stand upon. Every idea mocks my arrogance at doing that. So I'm vulnerable for merely having had it.

When an unfeeling person walks by, without looking and makes a crack, about an idea he has never seen. It doesn’t matter what his intention is. His words are worthless. They're merely noise on the wind.

I know the value of what I have done. I know the beauty of the details I’ve crafted.

The idea of the future that will be so much crumpled paper is his perception of what I have made.
−me strauss Letting me be


michaelm said...

I can't imagine going through life without creating something whether it be an essay/story or a song.
Living inside of a creation in the process is a thing of wonder, possibly the touching of a higher power as well.
The feeling after having created something unique is so hard to explain to people that will never know much less understand. Sad.
You always make me think deeply, Liz.
Nuff said.


ME Strauss said...

Hi micheal!
I like thinking with you, michael. Your comments always do the same thing for me too. I think we're good for each other. :)

Two writers who need to go deep. :)

Dawn said...

Liz, there's so much packed into this post. I know that place of vulnerability that ideas lead us to. I know the sting of the unfeeling person who speaks without looking. And I know what it's like to know the value of something I've created, and done well. . . the beauty of the details I've crafted. Other's perceptions are extraneous and really can't touch the truth of my idea or work. It's so much more than crumpled paper.

ME Strauss said...

Hi Dawn,
Exactly, the idea is beautiful the person who doesn't see is guilt of a crumpled look. It's sad that folks sometimes get too quick to say things about ideas they have no idea about. Perhaps this is one more example of the power of an idea.

Tell No One said...

"Every idea forces me to choose my ego to give the idea legs to stand upon."

Your ideas are always brilliant and flowing with Love. Love of Self, Love of others and most of all, Love of Creation. Guidance is something that comes so naturally for you. I feel and see the perception... You create it.

- Katrina

ME Strauss said...

wow!Katrina, that's such a lovely thing for you to say. I'm touched that you feel it. We've made a real connection. :)

Janus Torrell said...

Just remember that almost every great author was rejected by a few dozen publishers before they found a good one. Then all those publishers that turned it down were kicking themselves.

so write it anyway, be successful, and then use the royaltys to bulldoze the publishers house.

That will show em.

ME Strauss said...

What a great outlook, Janus. I think one day not too long from now, I might take you up on that!