Friday, September 29, 2006

Resilient − Like the White Light

They say I’m resilient, and they act like it’s something.

I call it getting up in the morning. I guess I could stay in bed, but sooner or later I’d have to get out of bed. Then I’d be facing a bigger bunch of troubles than I’m facing now.

From their side of the fence, it might look heroic, but from where I’m standing it seems like the only thing that I have going. I’ve to keep heading for that white light at the end of the tunnel.

Now that white light − it’s resilient. It’s always there, even when troubles seem to block it out.

I suppose some troubles , if you ignore them, lose steam, wither down, slink away leaving no damage. I’ve got no experience of troubles like that. The troubles I know are the kind that stick with you, stick on you, stick to you.

I have to face them, look in their eyes, and tell them they have to leave. I have to let them know it’s me and the white light. The white light − it’s resilient.

If I don’t do that, my troubles stick around. They won’t listen. Fact is, they’ll start pushing like bullies on the playground. It’s happened. Life doesn’t work, when I react to troubles. It works when troubles react to me. The only way to do that is treat the darn bullies like children.

Every morning I get up ready for my problem children. I plan them a breakfast of what I’ll do with them, to take care of them. They are handled with calm, and directness, and love. Then I shine that resilient white light, and I tell them they aren’t any trouble − knowing that if I believe that I can disarm them. If I can believe I can tease the meaness out of them.

That’s about when folks start saying, I’m resilient.

Resilient can mean positively stubborn.

I hope they’re right. I want to be resilient − like the white light.

−me strauss Letting me be


Pilar said...

Random Acts of Resilency - how I feel sometimes about myself. . . I am here emerging from the earth with great purpose -- glad you are showing up today, you are very needed. peace.

chantthis said...

. . . some reason my comment didn't come thru as my bloggerself - here I am, cheers!

ME Strauss said...

Hello Pilar/chantthis,
Random Acts of Rsilency . . . what a nice to put it. Life has focred me to be a bit more determined than random. You are needed too to help me see that I am not lost in my purpose. We cab be resilient together and the world will see very bright white light coming down that tunnel.

Dawn said...

I wonder if resilience is to Liz like water is to fish? It seems to me that only a resilient person can face down troubles with calm, directness and love.

From where I sit, that IS something.

ME Strauss said...

Where you sit, you make the sunrise, that is no small feat. I don't face down trouble, I just face up to it. There is a big difference there you know. :)