Thursday, August 31, 2006

25 Words: Ideas Again

25 wds
I stretch my arms, opening up, arcing out.
I surrender to creativity.
I let go of my needs.
The ideas find me again.
Thank you
−me strauss Letting me be


dawn said...

Liz, your short post expresses such an immense sensation. I would love to feel what it's like to surrender to creativity. There must be nothing quite like it.

ME Strauss said...

Hi Dawn,
Thank you for listening, I think it's like not stopping something from happening. The valve at the bottom of your brain wants to be closed or you would have too much input. So you have to reach out to let the information come in, and then hope you've relaxed enough that it does.

michaelm said...

Our lives are circular in so many ways. I think that's what enables us to "find" creativity.
Next time you're at my blog go to "CyberJazz" and click on "Their Circular Life"
Very interesting link.
As always, a thought provoking post, ME.


Doug said...

Never lost, never found.

Thoughts in your heart.

Words in your blood.

Poetry, your hair.

The ideas will never find you

in this bar.


ME Strauss said...

Still standing in bar,
Oh my goodness.
You still didn't ell me.
I hate surprises.

Rain said...

Yes! It is like not stopping something from happening. I am most creative on a vacation. I think everyday life blocks my creativity

ME Strauss said...

I'll do that I enjoy the places you take me to when I visit your blog and the thoughts you bring you when visit here.

Life is a miracle. Creativity is a gift I don't understand.

ME Strauss said...

Hi Rain,
That's it!
We spend more time tuning out our creativity. If we'd only just let it in. In the workshops this week, I saw people you'd never expect having the most wonderful ideas. . . . it was exciting to be in the room with so much energy!

Doug said...

Who will love surprises?

Embrace them? Take them in?

Feed them? Fix their clothes,

and soak them an hour in bleach?

If not the writer.

ME Strauss said...

Good question, Doug,
Don't forget the worrying when they're sick, taking their temperature, watching them cross the street, having to say "good-bye" when they grow up and leave and everyone else loves them.