Monday, July 03, 2006

Walking with the Stars

No matter where I am. It can be anywhere, anywhere in the world. If I’m feeling lost and lonely, if I need to breathe, if I want to find myself again, all I need to do is go outside at night, walking with the stars.

In the city, in the country, on the cliffs in Cornwall, in the forest by a cabin, on the beach . . . in Italy, it’s the same. I think I’ll watch myself this time. It will be dramatic and beautiful, and then . . . and then . . . and then, there is no need to be anything.

My thoughts fall away. My feelings lift up to the sky. They go along with my eyes. I travel with them to Orion’s belt and sit with friends. That sweet, soft silence I feel there replaces the rushing worrisome, woes of living. A cool, clear concept of creation and a bounty of being comes over me. It is wonder and a wealth of space. I am calm. I am light. I am.

I am walking in the silence of the universe . . . with the stars.

The stars light this night as they light my life.

Morning brings the day I was born.
−me strauss Letting me be


Mama Mouse said...

The stars hold special magic for me also ... to sit quietly and commune with the universe and infinity is as if you are back where you belong. The Earth nothing more than a passing dream. I take my sustenance from the Milky Way and my companionship from other starsouls much like me.

I could indeed be reborn after spending a night playing with my friends in the nighttime sky. But just in case you meant this quite literally .... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Chris Cree said...

Have you ever had a chance to see the night sky in the middle of the ocean where there's hardly any ambient light around? Whew! talk about doubly breath taking!

ME Strauss said...

Hi Mama,
I answered this post early this morning. . .

The stars are truly magic and made of the same stuff as we are. I love your word starsoul. That's how I feel too. They nurture me in the way that I hear you saying they nurture you.

Yes today is my birthday. Thank you.

ME Strauss said...

No Chris,
I have not. I've been far enough out in Lake Michigan where I couldn't see shoreline, so I can imagine. I do find that they are truly breathtaking.

That's when I can't question there is a God.

Trée said...

Beautiful Liz. You have inspired me to go outside tonight and just sit with the stars. Remind me to bring the bug spray. I just watered my garden and got eaten up alive. :-D

ME Strauss said...

Hi Trée,
I think with some bug spray, some tea and cookies, you might just find that you're in heaven. With a colors exploding all over the sky!

Michael said...

Was thinking about you.
Hope you are well today.

Nice post as always.

Take Care

ME Strauss said...

Hi Michael,
Thank you for thinking of me. That's a lovely birthday wish.

Mama Mouse said...

Stars are amazing when you are flying at night. They seem so close that you could hold them in your hands. Awesome!

ME Strauss said...

Sometimes you can hold them in your heart while you sit among them. Awe.

Betty said...

I'm glad I avoided the fireworks tonight and instead stayed home and read of this very desirable alternative to extreme stimulation. This post took me away to a place of peace and gratitude. Thank you, Liz.


ME Strauss said...

Wow! Betty,

Talk about synchronicity. I was at your blog writing to you while you were here writing to me! I guess we needed each other tonight. I'm so glad you came.

fineartist said...

Liz I missed your birthday, darn it. I've been too busy with my head in my hat fighting the storm in my mind.

The storm is clearing. It always does, thankfully.

Now I'm chuckling over the visual image of Tree out in his garden trying to sit with the stars, AND the hungry bugs.

I've been jonesing for you too.

ME Strauss said...

You look so gorgeous in that pix. I'm glad the storm is clearing for you. I think my storms might be clearing too. :)