Sunday, July 02, 2006

Looking and Listening

You slowly become what you look at most.

I’ve been looking. I look for the things I want to be, people I admire and then I rest my eyes on them for the longest while, hoping that a long look might afford my spirit access to some secret, some song I see. Slips of being slide inside my simple self, that maybe for a moment make me a might more knowing, a minute more of who I am and where I’m going. Maybe I get to be a little more of what I am.

I’ve known that, done that for a while, years.

Lately I’ve started listening, more than listening, hearing really. I had no idea how much my life was telling me. It’s right here−all I should be knowing. People are telling me who I am. They say in their words, in their smiles, in their handshakes and thank yous, in the subtle tones and colors of their voices. I should have been listening, hearing, so much sooner. I should have filtered out all of the noise.

Imagine how quickly I could have been growing. I could have been seeing, hearing. I could have climbed mountains and when I got there, I could have broken clouds apart. I could have helped others see what the looking showed me, and what the listening said.

I could have been. I still can be.
−me strauss Letting me be


dawn said...

I had no idea how much my life was telling me.

What a gift you've received -- the gift of yourself. You've been sharing that gift for so long,Liz, I'm thrilled that it's now coming back to you, enriched and expanded. Just in time for your birthday.

Should have's only lead to dead-ends. Let those go and listen instead to what can be.

ME Strauss said...

Hi Dawn,
Your message is so lovely. Thank you for the words of hope. I'm doing my best to be listening, litening and looking, looking and listening, and of course still wondering.

Trée said...

I'd like to order one of those filters. I could do with a little less noise and a little more clear seeing and hearing. All the best to you Liz. :-)

ME Strauss said...

Hi Tree,
I was at your blog this morning, but I couldn't get my comment to stick. You can have one of those filters. I'll have one special made just for you. It comes with a side order of cookies.

Trée said...

I'll take it--sight unseen. :-)

Thanks for the very kind words on my current post. Your thoughtfulness has not gone without notice my dear sweet woman. :-)

ME Strauss said...

Hello dear frien of mine,
Thank you for all you are and all you've been to me. You are a guiding light and a fearless playmate in Neverland. Both are so valuable.