Monday, July 17, 2006

Playing at Work

My imagination has taken hold of me and I’m starting to see a future, planning and hoping for something grander. I keep trying to move it forward, but the todays keep have their way in front of it. I don’t want to miss living in this moment, but I’m looking at a window of opportunity. I don’t want to miss it more.

So I slip a minute of future work in, and then I do what I supposed to. And while I’m working on what I need to, I think a thought about what I want to. In between the got to get dones, I imagine what I’m going to be doing. And after I finish the have to have this, I take a second for what if I tweaked the idea this way. Even the work I used to hate is starting to feel more like a game.

It’s funny how this whole thing feels like reading late at night under the blanket with a flashlight.

I should have started playing at work again, a very long time ago.

−me strauss Letting me strauss


mojo shivers said...

Playing at work is a time-honored tradition. As such, it deserves to be practiced as much as possible.

ME Strauss said...

hi Mojo,
yes, it is and it's one that I'm surprised that I forgot to do. I need to take myself for a walk and give myself a good talking to. Tanks for the reminder, Patrick!

Anonymous said...

I like this post - it's positive, forward thinking ad optimistic.

Life is too short to be doing what we don't enjoy. Sometimes it's necessary to do something else, but the goal should always be to work on that which we are passionate about.

Just my 2 cents -

ME Strauss said...

Maybe the summertime sun is getting to me. I always was a bit of a dessert rat. I'm trying my best keep this idea I have moving forward and happening, but the timeline is overwhelming . . . so I'm just not thinking about that part. Instead I just keep walking.
Thanks for the Monday morning smile.