Friday, July 14, 2006

It's Thursday, Liz.

It’s Thursday, Liz.

That’s how the email started.

She said I told her once that every Thursday I have a meltdown. I do sort of. The web gets quieter. The world gets slower. I lose my bearings a little. I wonder about the weekend that’s coming. I think too much about where my world could be heading.

Maybe that’s because I think too much, or maybe it’s because I was born on Thursday.

But then she sent this email to me. She who has plenty of her own stuff, her own world of worries. She took a moment to remember there is a me on this planet. She took a second to see me. She made me a person.

She came along like a breeze, like a sun-kissed flower and simply said, “It’s Thursday, Liz. You told me once . . .” I started sitting taller, feeling smarter, knowing life was right. God is in his heaven and angels really are everywhere. I can believe again.

All in all, that makes a Thursday a special day indeed.

That's the power we can give away for free.

It's amazing really.
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Anonymous said...

It's nice to have a friend take a few moments out of their day for you. I try to return those favors. A random card or note. A small package to a friend overseas...

It's little moments like these that make life so special.

Happy Friday :D

Unknown said...

Hi jennifer,
Happy Friday. You're a good friend to think about other folks in those little ways. It is the moments that mean a lot. Hope your students are behaving.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I'm so different from most folks. I think of a lot of friends during the day, but I seldom follow through and let them know I was thinking of them. That doesn't help them a bit.

It's something I really need to work on. It's really easy to write a quick word of hello or encouragement with an email, forum, or a blog, but it takes more effort for me to pick up the phone. Everybody's different, but that's where my failing is.

Thanks for the push.


Unknown said...

Hi Dirty Butter,
I think I'm just the same as you are. I'm going to do a lot of that kind of thing this weekend too.

Anonymous said...

That is indeed special.
It does indeed take so little sometimes to make all the difference.

Take Care

anybody listening... I melt down on Mondays :)

Unknown said...

Hi Michael,
And once again, your smiling face is that little bit that makes the difference in the day for me.:)

Anonymous said...

Because of my recent experiences, I've learned again that believing sometimes can make all the difference. It is good to see you're still fresh and positive as always. I've got my computer set up, but I don't have web service. I'm at the library where they dole out time in 30 minute increments. Makes it hard to try and get caught up that way. I start a new job Monday, and after I get my first check, I'll be looking to getting settled in and back online.

Unknown said...

Yea! Scot is back!
No more waiting for his wonderful words and his insights!