Thursday, June 22, 2006

Good Fortune

Finding good fortune, it’s all around me. It’s in voices, the words of the folks that I talk to, in kindnesses written and spoken and sent. People say such nice things. People do such nice things for me. I am surrounded by people who offer gifts that are priceless, valuable in the deepest sense – at a time when I have less than no money, at a time when I’m working harder than I’ve worked before and I’m hardly making ends meet.

A few months ago I was afraid, but no longer.

Now I see the good fortune that surrounds me, and somehow it buoys me, nurtures me in just the right way. I know that this knot too shall untie itself, work itself out as all of the others in my life ever did, and the work that I'm doing will be worth the dues that I’ve paid.

Yet, I’ll never replace or repay the priceless, joyous good fortune that surrounded me−for no reason at all−on this very long, very ordinary, first summer day.
−me strauss Letting me be


michaelm said...


The cynic in me would never let me embrace all the good in my life. Though I know it's there, it's only occasionally that I acknowledge its presence. A bit tragic maybe but I'm one tragic customer. I love your "seek and ye shall find" awareness. Oh, that the world could wake up one day and see the sun through the clouds...including me.


Mama Mouse said...

In our day to day struggles it is often hard to find the 'silver lining' ... sometimes the dark clouds seem to overwhelm us.

Pain. Financial problems and worries. Worries about our children. Job worries. You name it ... there are SO many things to darken the clouds.

But there are benefits too ... mostly unseen but definitely there. A friend who holds our hand and just is there to hear us. Someone who knows how to help you solve a problem. Someone who makes you smile.

The good surrounds us ... we just have to look.

ME Strauss said...

Hi Micheal,
Ah the irony, as I awoke to find the morning absent of my DSL connection and I sit here working on dial up. :) I am even more delighted to have friends to greet me and to know that they value something I have to offer.

ME Strauss said...

Mama Mouse,
You are a good voice to have chattering in my ear this morning. I need calm and relaxing thoughts on a Thursday when I feel like I'll never catch up again. Thank you for being here.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday's post reminded me of the movie "What Dreams May Come" - seen it? If not then you should - I think you would enjoy it.


ME Strauss said...

Hi E,
Is that the Robin Williams one? If so, yeah I did see it. It was beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Yes - that's the one.

Ever had a chance to talk w/ a cancer survivor re. how it's changed their outlook?


ME Strauss said...

No. But I can imagine. I'm really good at imagining.

Marti said...

That was lovely. The simplest pleasures in life are the most priceless. A child's smile, a budding flower, a thoughtful gesture from a friend - those are the real treasures in this life.

Lovely as always! May your life be filled with treasures!

ME Strauss said...

Thanks Marti,
Those are the things I really need to be thinking about right now. I'm glad I have you all to remind me. thank you.

Erin Monahan said...

Glad you get to feel it too... I've felt it a lot lately, and you were part of it :) Thanks again, glad to see it coming back to you.

ME Strauss said...

Hi Erin,
What a lovely comment. Thank you. I'm so glad you're feeling good things happening. To think that I might be a part of it is so cool. Thanks for everything you just said.

I have this wonderful smile on.