Thursday, June 29, 2006


I like clouds. They make the sky so much more special when the sun is shining. I hate to think of the sun alone in all of that blue. It seems like there’s so much more excitement and so much more texture to a sky with clouds floating around.

Even when the sun is hiding, I like clouds – big, fat fluffy ones, dark, Batman frowny ones, those that look like they might come tumbling down like the bottom of cheap, old, cardboard egg cartons. The best are those that turn colors in the sunrise and sunset.

Those are the clouds that God made just for filling up writers and artists, and sweethearts and soulmates, and anyone who can see.
−me strauss Letting me be


Dawn said...

G'morning Liz.

I like clouds, too. Well, most clouds anyway. The ones I care for least are rain clouds.

And I agree with you, the ones that turn colors are the absolute best. Not only do they fill me up, but they still the inner chatter that goes on constantly inside my head.It's like they empty me by filling me.

Your choice of photo is breathtaking.

ME Strauss said...

Hi Dawn,
How appropriate you should choose to comment on this one, for what is a dawn without new clouds to play with? I can see why you like clouds as much as I do.

Roberta said...

I want to walk on them, bounce on them, sit on them, and picnic on them. I want to stitch them together, stuff them into a sack, get them, keep them. I even want to write on them but I guess that's not an original thought because as far back as I can remember the text of comic books have been scripted in clouds.

ME Strauss said...

Ah Ms. Roberta, your comment reads like music to me.

Marti said...

I think my kids get sick of me pointing up and saying, "Oh look! Isn't that cloud pretty?" LOL

Lovely as always, darlin'

ME Strauss said...

Thanks, Marti,
I think I would have like it if my mom had been a cloud watcher.

Mama Mouse said...

I've watched the clouds from my earliest memory. I make things of them ... I imagine sitting on clouds like the angels do ...and I wondered what it was like to be on TOP of a cloud. Then I got to fly ... and now I've been under, in and over them! There is nowhere that they aren't amazing.

I love the rain clouds, the dark brooding ones ... the ones that climb high into the air. I probably wouldn't like the cloud that a tornado came from.

I love taking pictures of clouds and especially love it when they are dark and the sun breaks through causing the edges to glow with heavenly light. Sometimes at night you can see rays of light beaming downward through them as the sun begins to set.

Cloudless skies plague me ... they look sad with no playmates hanging out.

Yes ... I love clouds too Liz.

ME Strauss said...

Im right with you. You say it all so beautifully. Over, under, inside them -- clouds are fascinating and exciting. All of them. Without them, the sky looks lonely.

Michael said...

Awesome photo.

Take Care