Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Write, Paint, Dance, and Sing

If I could remake the world in one way tonight, I know exactly what I would do. I would wave a thought throughout the atmosphere, across the sky, sending it everywhere. It would be magical, marvelous, wondrous, and wonderful. I would make it so everyone could write, paint, dance and sing.

I can’t help but think that if each of us, all of us, could do each and all of those things that each and every part of the world would be that much better. I can see it now. I can hear it too. I’m smiling to think of it.

We’d write letters and songs. Poetry. Words would have meaning. The language would have music again when we talked. We’d color the sky with our eyes and our hearts, filling it with blues, reds, gold, and grays, making the ocean blush with pleasure. We’d dance with our voices and sing with our feet. We’d finally get to know things about each other.

It would happen because we’d have a reason to listen to each other, a reason to want to. It seems that the reason is what we’ve lost, and that’s all that we need. If we could all write, and paint, dance, and sing, we’d have a reason to read, look, and listen, to open our minds, our hearts, and our souls to what could be.

Imagine the colors the sky would provide once it found out that we would actually look. Imagine the colors already there, if we would just make a reason to see.
−me strauss Letting me be


Dawn said...

I'm thinking that your wish has already come true. Everyone CAN write, paint, dance and sing. We just THINK we can't. Some people can do one or more of those things better, so those who think they can't back off. I suppose if we all could do it, it wouldn't be special anymore. I wonder, if we all could do it, would we still want to listen to each other?

Imagine the colors the sky would provide once it found out that we would actually look.

I'm thinking that this is the key. No matter what way we choose to express ouselves, if we really believed that another person would actually notice, make time to look, we'd be encouraged to continue, to keep trying, to do more and do it creatively.
That's what I think.

ME Strauss said...

You are so perceptive. You're right You believed when I didn't. You already had the reason when I did not. What if we all did just take the time and believed and just listened to each other and just looked?

Jennifer said...

You know I like Dawn's response. I never believed I could write until I just sat down and started one day and then I realized that with a little bit of work that I could write.

Now I'm tone death, so I 'can't' sing but I can enjoy the music and partake in it's wonder.

Maybe it's just a matter of getting the world to open their minds to the possibility that they can. If they believed it and in themselves then I bet we'd get more to join in wonder of writing, painting, dancing and singing.

ME Strauss said...

Yeah, Jennifer,
We've got an agreement of three. Now we only have a few more to go.) That sky there sure is an inspriration to give it a try though isn't it.

So great to see you this morning. Hope school is grand and wonderful!

michael said...

I couldn't agree more.
It's unfortunate that school systems across the country are cutting arts/music in their budgets.
Why don't they understand that a majority of children need the arts to simply communicate?
I love your utopian thinking, Liz.
We need more people to think like that.
As I say on my blog:
In a perfect world...


ME Strauss said...

Thank you, Michael.
Without our dreams, we would only be walking through our lives waiting for them to end.

Michael said...

maybe we all can't but you certainly can paint a lovely picture with simple set of words.

Take Care

ME Strauss said...

Maybe we can't do it perfectly, but we can sure make a start . . . The picture alone makes a difference in how we view the world for today.