Saturday, April 29, 2006

Scatterlings and Seers 2

Once there was a little girl with eyes that see deeply. She could see many things, deep things. She could see when people hurt and make them feel better. She lived in a cabin in the woods with the other scatterlings and seers. They would gather together and tell stories in the woods.

One day the little girl went to where they gathered and the other scatterlings were nowhere. She couldn't see them. She couldn't see anything. She wondered if she had lost her gift, or if they had lost track of her. Oh how sorely she missed them. They had become a part of her. She had thought that she was part of them.

Then she saw a tiny bug crawl up the stem of the smallest flower. It made her think that life was going along the way it should.

And sure enough the next time she went to where they gathered, a campfire roared and all of the scatterlings were there. They greeted her and smiled. Her face was like a flower to see them. She wanted to tell them how she had missed them, but instead she sang and danced.

Once there was a little girl with eyes that could see deeply. She could see more, more and different things than other people see. She could see at the cellular level. She could see how people were feeling and what they were thinking. She could see their thoughts in just a word; see what they would do by standing near them. Being just a little girl she didn’t know that others couldn’t do this. She knew only that it was a way to help people.

She often helped people. Sometimes she helped them by singing and dancing and not saying anything. Or maybe that was the way she helped herself, because it really did make her feel better,
—me strauss Letting me be


Betty said...

Thank heavens for Scattlerings and Seers and Tulips and Spring!


ME Strauss said...

Hi Betty,
So good to see you. I've been stoppimg by and wondering where you might be whirlng these days. Good to know you're whirling round here again!