Monday, April 03, 2006

Magnetic Signals

For the longest while, I’ve felt like a magnetic field has been around me. Maybe it’s been there all of my life. I used to joke it. I’d say things about my magnetic personality making elevators go, but this past year I’ve actually felt it−felt myself inside of it. It’s been a weird sort of knowing that how I felt was being transmitted, telegraphed through the air, like a boxer’s punch to people I couldn’t see, to folks who didn’t know me, to the stars and to the universe. That all electrons knew when I was on or off.

Hypersensitivity? Imagination.

I could feel it. Right thoughts and the right feelings seemed to make things happen in one way. It was more than how I viewed the world, looking doesn’t make telephones ring, especially not telephones that have calls coming from strangers who can’t possibly know how I’m feeling.

Reason? Fantasy.

I’m not an overage hippie. Still I have to think people can give off brain waves that other people must sense or pick up in some way or another. The universe picks up and transmits waves of all kinds and types. Why not mine? My brain has been working overtime on a problem that has been too big for it. It has to have been offloading some of it. Surely it was sending out a signal to somewhere. Why wouldn’t people be unconsciously receiving that signal and reacting?

I wonder what signals I’m receiving I'm not aware of? Wonder who's receiving the signals I'm sending at this moment?

We could be having whole conversations without even knowing it. Imagine if we were actually listening.

Whoa! We’re a strange species.

Guess that’s what happens when you make people from stardust and give them the power to laugh and love.

−me strauss Letting me be


garnet david said...

Ahhh, Liz, you are so succulent, so cute, so sexy, in your magnetic aura. And here I am answering. PING! My heart just got warmer. My question answered, too.

ME Strauss said...

Ah David,
What a sweet one you are--your magnetic personality showing right up like that. See it is true!

Dr.John said...

If your right and the butterfly principle (look it up) is right you may be doing terrible damage with all those loose magnetic waves running around. You had better get some aluminum foil and make a hat to control them.

ME Strauss said...

Hi Dr. John,
Welcome. No worries. I know what the butterfly principle is. I don't know that the waves would be causing any more damage than sound waves or infrared waves would--except, of course, that they're coming from people . . . and, well, you might have a point there.


Yos said...

what if all we are is waves and the knowing (of that too) is a road post or a dead end :)

ME Strauss said...

Hi Yos,
I don't think the universe can have dead ends only things that go on and on forever and ever amen.

Anonymous said...

Where I live it's always green & well manicured - green hell or paradise, take your pick.

On Monday's the 'landscapers' show up. They arrive in big trucks pulling trailors - then drop the ramps and offload their equipment. It's curious how they are always dressed in Cammo outfits.

They jump on their power mowers and start buzzing around like little ants - mowing anything, wacking weeds, etc. The plants are just never allowed to grow as they would like.

I imagine the plants are screaming for mercy & think that the EM fields generated by the mowers and wackers drives them insane.

That's when I put on my foil hat & crawl back into bed. In a little while the massacre is over, until next week...

E :)

btw dr john: lead foil is WAY better - is a much better attenuator.

ME Strauss said...

You make me smile . . . that you would critique the type of foil. Plants need care, you know--are you sure it's massacre? It all depends on whether the plants are living where they belong.

We already know that you're not. :)


Anonymous said...

> Plants need care, you know--are you sure it's massacre?

Good point! A nice thought! Maybe not a massacre - maybe some enjoy all the preening & pruning. I think that would have to be the lawn grasses - they're not native and probably need all the attention just to survive.

> It all depends on whether the plants are living where they belong.

Unlike some, I think plants belong wherever they put down roots?


In a way, I wish they'd just leave the poor plants alone to do their thing - they'd end up covering all the buildings & that would be a big improvement!

ok, back to work...


ME Strauss said...


Yes it does matter. If the plants are native they will do what you want them to, keep their roots and grow wild and free. If they're not native they will die, because they shouldn't have been planted there.

Like you they need care to stay where they don't belong.