Monday, March 13, 2006

Sky Blue Pink

The first time I ever saw Silly Putty, my mom gave me the little egg, fully packaged, as we got in the car to go to my Aunt Mary’s house in the little doll house down about 30 miles down the road. I might have been around six-years-old. It took me until we got out of town and onto the highway before I got the plastic wrapping around the cardboard off and the egg out.

My mother was good like that. She knew how to keep kids occupied. It wasn’t manipulation, really. It was expert planning on her part. Always it was win-win. She got peace and quiet. We got entertained.

When I finally got the red plastic egg in my hand it took a mile or two again before I figured out how it opened. When I did, I guess I was a little disappointed at the lump of unexciting color. My mom, not one to be outdone, said it was a wonderful color. “That’s sky blue pink,” she called it.

I kind of shook my head and told her I had never heard of that color.
“Oh, but you’ve seen it. Everyone has,” she said. “It’s when the sky goes pink, when it’s still blue. That’s why they call it sky blue pink.”

About then is when she handed me the full-color comics from the newspaper over the front seat to me in the back seat. She taught me how to press the putty on a picture and copy it. Then it was only a matter of seconds before the thought of stretching it occurred. I was busy until the 30 minute trip was over. Actually I was still playing with the silly toy all the way home.

But what stays with me is the color. I still think that Silly Putty is beautiful.

I still think of it when I see the slightest touch of pink among the blue.
“Sky blue pink,” she called it.

I know you’ve never heard of it, but you’ve seen it. Everyone has.
—me strauss Letting me be


Marti said...

I know exactly what you mean (and what a sweet story you told to get me there LOL)

Would that I could have seen "sky blue pink" yesterday. All was gray. Gray and black, as 92 (YES 92!) tornadoes touched down in Mazoorah yesterday! We were fortunate that none struck us, but they were within 20 miles - too close for comfort when they are half a mile wide and staying on the ground for 25 miles!

Thank you for sharing you lovely story - I needed some "sky blue pink" today.

ME Strauss said...

Hi Marti,
Good morning!
I'm happy I could give you some sky blue pink this morning. It's a lovely kind of color--one that fills the heart with wonder.

Hope you have whole day full of sky blue pink today.

Mark Daniels said...

Sky blue pink is the color that always arrives at the end of a beautiful day. It's God's way of saying, "Wasn't that fun?"


ME Strauss said...

Hi Mark,
What a lovely description. I guess that means that you've seen it too. Everyone has. They just don't know what to call it.

I'm so happy to see you! You're a sign that the day will be fun.


Rain said...

I love silly putty, I wonder if they still make it? When my daughter was small we called the blue pink sky an "angel sky"
How are you Liz? I Haven't said hi in a while.

ME Strauss said...

Hi Rain,

Yes, they sure DO! In fact they make it in bulk if you want it. The guys at Google bought too much of it not too long ago and got it all stuck together. Just Google Silly Putty.

I like your name "Angel Sky." How lovely that is. It makes me smile. Thanks for bringing that name over with you when you came.

Anonymous said...


Must be getting close to spring or something...

A little hard on my poor ol eyes - a green closer to neutral might be better? A lighter, pastel green? Want some rgb values?


ME Strauss said...

Hi E,
I'm not sure I know what you're speaking of.

Might be a problem with blogger today. There's been some weirdnesses going on . . .

Good to see YOU though.

Anonymous said...

>There's been some weirdnesses going on . . .

The background turned bright green - I liked it but it was a little difficult to read. I thought it was the work of the 65th - either that or's servers are having some sort of nervous breakdown.

> Good to see YOU though.

Wish that were true -


ME Strauss said...

Well, bright green would have been perfect for St. Patrick's Day I guess. though I'm not sure I could have pull it off. Green on the front page too??? Ewwww.


Yes, it would be good to see you.