Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Life's Pleasures

Sometimes my thoughts run fast like a child out on the hills, free in the sunlight with worlds to explore. Sometimes they're stuck like a car in traffic behind a diesel spewing truck.

They're always there, it seems, just that millisecond a head of me, knowing what I’m going to think next—sometimes jumping, leaping unconsciously to a totally new place. I’ve not a clue how I got there.

I wonder what I would do were I left only with my thoughts for company. I think my friend was right. It’s not a pleasant thought to have to live inside my head.

I think I’ll take a walk outside instead and let the world get some of me.

There’s nothing wrong with the idea that a chocolate milkshake is more profound than what I might be thinking now. It would surely be more satisfying.

Life’s pleasure aren’t all made up or priceless. Some are right down the street.
—me strauss Letting me be


Jennifer said...

Hey Liz!

It's been awhile. Life has kept me from some of the things I love.

Life's pleasures: Here's a few of them off my list.

Getting to stay in bed an extra hour on Sunday's, splurging on desert at a restaurant every now and then. Having a chocolate milkshake for breakfast on occasion, taking time out of my schedule to go visit friends, dancing (ballet)--for the pure fun if it, just because I want to...

It's nice to sit back and realize that life is full of those moments.


ME Strauss said...

Hey Jennifer,
I'm delighted to see you.

That's quite a nice list of pleasures. Keep it going and add to it. There are lots of things that might go there and then you'll have something to look at when you're feeling down.


Useless Man said...

Life is always better when you can top it with whipped cream and a cherry.

ME Strauss said...

Useless man,
If you know this, you are not useless. You are wise indeed.