Monday, December 12, 2005

25 Wds: Reinvestment

25 Words or Less

I want to take
all of the energy
I have invested
in the one word
and reinvest it in
What if we try this?

—me strauss Letting me be


dog1net said...

"Why," in the context it's often used is confrontational,whereas
"What if we try this?' is invitational. That in itself can make a world of difference. Thank you for stopping by, and leaving such an affecting comment to my last post.

The Taorist said...

The time, energy, and efftort invested in Why should be paying off into Let's try this.

Hmmmm....looks like this came off a negotiations meeting of some sort.

It's sometimes frustrating to hear people ask, "Why should we do this when we've done that thing in the past? Blah..."

They were traumatized. The negative reactions come from the negative effects of the past action/s. The challenge is how to convince "them" that it won't happen the same way.

Or I could just be rambling.

ME Strauss said...

Hi Scot,
Thanks for this comment. It does make a difference in how we invest our words. Doesn't it?

ME Strauss said...

Hi taorist,

No meetings involved. Just some time alone in my head. I like to think about thing like this and find ways to say them in 25 words or less.

What you say is right though so much negative is attached to why? Let's try this is so much more fun.

Eric Mutta said...

Depending on why you were asking "why?", the investment may or may not land you in the same place :-)

ME Strauss said...

Hi Eric,
I suppose you are right.
But then I would suppose I might know what I am asking.::)

garnet david said...

Oh yes, whyise words from the pro! You should have majored in psychology. (did you?)

ME Strauss said...

No I didn't major in Psychology. I was a simple teacher. It's just that I am crazy. :)

silvermOOn said...

I enjoyed your ponderings as well as the photo. Why? Well, that's open to many speculations and reasons. ;)

ME Strauss said...

Hello Sivermoon,
Thank you, that's just why I have so many ponderings and wonderings. :)