Tuesday, December 13, 2005

For the Night Skies of My Eyes

If words were money, I’ve been a good investor. I’d like to take out just a few. I want to give some words as presents, words that say I know how special you are.

I see myself in this giant mansion, in the library of a great word investor. I spend hours or even days there thinking about which words to choose, listening for the right sound with the right meaning—listening like you would listen—wanting to get each syllable aligned. One word, two words, poetry, prose. Is it a sentence? Is it simple or complex?

Then the music of my heart starts playing and my hands start moving, and my head, finally my head moves out of the way. I realize that the words are not what’s important. The thoughts they are expressing are. I look out the window at the night sky and remember what I'm always saying. People and stars are the same. The words come to my mind almost wholly formed and real. The words I've been investing, they know what I want to say. I guess that's what all of that investment was about.

The Night Skies of My Eyes

How do
stars align
me or you
not here, nor there
in our minds
people and stars
are the same
no touch yet
so touching
so much of me
no sight yet
seeing all of me
you there
people and stars
are the same
you are the stars
that shine
in the night skies
of my eyes.

I’ll make a big production of how I wrap the boxes. The red paper will be the finest foil. The gold ribbon will be made of silken cloth with wire. It will take hours, but I’ll hardly notice, because the words inside are valuable.

They are for people, the same as stars.
My friends who shine in the night skies of my eyes.
—me strauss Letting me be


Rain said...

that's a beautiful image.

ME Strauss said...

Thank you, Rain.
I wanted to make something that would be beautiful and nice.

mergrl said...

such a beautiful gift you have that you give away so freely

thank you my friend (hugs)

ME Strauss said...

Hi mergrl,
You are very welcome to the gift. My eyes light up as you take it. (hugs)

mojo shivers said...

Beautiful, just beautiful, Miss Liz.

ME Strauss said...

Thank you Mojo,
I don't think you've called me that befoe. It's nice.
thank you.

Doug said...

I agree with the others. I wanted to find you a quote but couldn't so no quotation marks, but there's a story in which William Randolph Hearst was showing Ambrose Bierce his castle with the statuary and the paintings and the marble. Bierce replied that his wealth was words and he didn't need to display them all at once.

ME Strauss said...

Thank you, Doug for looking for a quote to bring me. What a gift that looking was. How it touches me that you would think me worth the time and energy.

I'm smiling,

Anonymous said...

Hi Crayon Lady!

It's me!

Just noticed this Are Migraines All in Your Heart? & thought of you.

Also I Dance, Therefore I Am is not bad.

Merry XMas ( can I say that these days? )


ME Strauss said...

Hello Crayon Boy,
The epilepsy medicine seems to be doing an amazing job of taking care of the migraines. So it seems Oliver Sachs was right! YES! Thank you for the prezzies. Yes Merry Christmas is always fine as is any other expression of joy no matter the cultural, religious or other reference.

garnet david said...

Hi Liz- I love the playful interaction of different meanings, layers, in the poem. Particularly the lines
"no touch yet
so touching
so much of me"

thank you for this warm and airy gift! And so beautifully wrapped.


ME Strauss said...

Hi David,
I thought of you when I wrote those lines. It's from a conversation that we had not long ago.

garnet david said...

I remember.


ME Strauss said...

I'm so glad that you remember. Our conversations are memories I cherish.