Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Future Friend

When the future comes and I finally grow up, I will be who I can be. I won't hurt anyone. The meaning and the heart inside of me will reach out with the tenderness and hope that will show that I never mean any harm, that only to lighten the load.

Let me be useful. It hurts to hurt. It helps to help.

When the future comes and I finally find my feet, I will walk as tall as my frame will stand. The hand that I extend and words that I speak will be gentle and graceful. People will know that my heart has only room for them. I'll paint colors and give them away in the words that I write, in the pictures I draw with my pen.

When the future comes and I finally know that I have found the way to circle back and around in the perfect dance step, I will play a symphony just for my friends. No one else will ever know, the brightness, the brilliance, the blue-black, indigo of the night silence of the peace that I feel inside when I share a space with someone that I care about, that I have in my heart and my head.

When the future comes, I'll know how to hold someone's feelings within my own always and ever, never to make a hurt. Until then, I live in a world wondering at a future me that could do that even once without fail.

The hardest part of now is knowing what might have been and what the future might be.

It's the heart of a beginner to always have the future to offer a friend.
--me strauss Letting me be


Cold Cut Ten said...

I sometimes imagine a better future self is looking back at the present me and oddly that sometimes gives a feeling of hope and some optimism.

"ME" Liz Strauss said...

Hi Blue Sky!
Hope and optimism. That's great thought to have about the future. :)

goodfornowt said...

My daughter spoke cruelly to my wife, her stepmother, over a year ago. Since then she has neither acknowledged, owned nor apologized for the hurt she has caused. She says she meant it when she said it and feels that the relationship is now more honest. She insists that she is not yet ready to go further than this. My wife is wounded, and I am left feeling hurt and angry.
She is not yet ready - but life is too short.

"ME" Liz Strauss said...

Oh goodfornowt,
I don't know why some folks believe the truth can be delivered without love. Anger hurts everyone -- especially the person who holds it.

I'm so sorry that a person could cause so much pain. I know more than one of them. They are unhappy people.

Bungz said...

If the future comes, i will be who i am supposed to be...

Untill then, i shall be happy with who i am becoming... With each passing day, i am becoming me... Hopefully...

"ME" Liz Strauss said...

Hi Bungi!
What a great philosophy! May you always live with it in your heart and in your head. :)

Bungz said...

Thank you! I surprise myself sometimes. :)

"ME" Liz Strauss said...

Ah Bungi,
You are a joy!

catharsis said...

Hi Liz,
It's so timely that I've read this today. I was thinking the very same things, this morning.. and to see them put so eloquently into words.. well, it's a wonderful feeling. Thank you for writing such beautiful things.

"ME" Liz Strauss said...

Hi Catharsis!
The synchronicity of these thoughts is a comfort and a hope. Thank you for telling me. :)

bea n. random said...

Hi Liz, or shall I call you ME? ;-)

What an incredible blog you have here! I adore the sensitivity and your positive message. I try to remind myself each day to appreciate not only the gift of Life but the gift of the lives of those around me. It's so easy in today's world to lose touch with our own humanity. I will most certainly mark your blog at return.

Thank you for sharing yourself with everyone:)

"ME" Liz Strauss said...

Hi Bea N!
Call me Liz. Thanks for hearing what I'm saying. That's nice. I'm smiling about that. :)

Support said...


You sure have a way with words ... with thoughts ... with hearts. I've been reading your writings for some time. I appreciate who you are and what you do.

Steve B. in Arkansas

"ME" Liz Strauss said...

Hi Steve B
Thank you for saying that. Really.