Monday, January 08, 2007

Imagine That.

Everything that I think doesn't have to be real, doesn't have to be on the ground where people can see it. What a laugh that is! As if I could keep my feet firmly planted on concrete. As if I could live without thoughts of wishes, and hopes, and dreams that have made pictures in my mind since before I was able to talk.

The rhythm of the rowing, the melody of morning, the sights and sounds that nature brings on the waves, on the breeze, on the clouds passing over me. How could I let them just pass unnoticed? That would be a travesty.

Buildings, and streets, and cars, and machines are nothing compared to skies, and trees, and flowers, and . . . breathing. And my soul smiling with knowing. Thinking is hard without wonderful thoughts to interrupt me and twist me and turn me. Their gift and music that I have to offer. They're the song that I dance to when I write these words here.

I'm gonna row that boat with you in my heart. Just like a rocking chair on the waves, that boat will take us to a magical, healing place. We'll head out to a castle on a forgotten island. No one will be lonely with us gone away. Time will stop while we play. We'll have whatever we need to be safe.

We'll have drinks with umbrellas. We'll talk about myths and legends. We'll remember the things that we love. We make up lots of new ones. We'll laugh without stopping for days and days. We'll discover pure energy and learn how make whenever we need it.

We'll celebrate what we love about being alive.

Imagine that.
--me strauss Letting me be


Anonymous said...

I find that quite a bit of what I think isn't real. Or maybe I should say that it's real, but just not visible outside of my head. It becomes real as it moves and motivates me, teaches me, or uses me to teach others.

The next time I need to get away, I'm going to ask you to row me out to that island where I can be refilled just like those drinks with the colorful umbrellas. :)

"ME" Liz Strauss said...

Hey Dawn,
I'm planning a trip like that this week. Wanna come? There's a boat taking off Wednesday afternoon. We can make up the rest as we go along. . . . :)

Anonymous said...

You bet I wanna come. I'll high-tail it there as soon as I can.

I'll be the one in the burgundy Land's End coat.Don't leave without me!

"ME" Liz Strauss said...

Hi! The Land's End coat! What a perfect choice! We'll go to Land'e End England . :)

Anonymous said...

Your opening words reach out and tap my heart, asking it to come out and play, like the lonely little girl who stands by herself. I imagine that my inner being often feels pushed aside by the relentless brainy taskmaster who deals in the world of the linear, as if that's the only reality. NOT!

"ME" Liz Strauss said...

Hi Debbie,
I'm so glad you've found a reason to let your heart come out to play. Our heads get too much of our time these days and our hearts get slighted. How can they breathe with no chance to go outside?