Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Blue Bottle of Character

When the conversation was over I walked her to the elevator, as I had done many nights before, because all who were around weren’t sure she would make it on her own. Hugs, at the elevator followed, professions of undying gratitude. Yet when the tide turned I hadn’t changed. Someone had asked her to change how she looked at me, and she did.

And she calls herself a child of her God. And she professes love for everyone.

Yet I have only the blue bottle to remind of the giving person that she had when she wanted.

Sent away somewhat unfairly, Watched as she turned away almost immediately.

Why do I feel like I am the lucky one to be here with the blue bottle? The bottle always was and always will be what it represented itself to be.

It seems some inanimate objects have more character than people do.
−me strauss Letting me be.


DTclarinet said...

It's true. People are often less solid in character than that blue bottle. But sometimes it's because they don't know who they are, or are afraid of who they are.

It's hard not to fake things sometimes, when we've had to fake through pain and discomfort and embarrassment. Sometimes the fake part takes over and the real gets hidden permanently, even from the original person.

Today I read a post by a close friend, O. She wrote about forgiving herself for falseness, for shallowness, for conceit, for selfishness. It was a reminder I needed.

peace and hugs.


"ME" Liz Strauss said...

You are a good man. I have no ill feelings for the person in question. I was making an observation. I find it quite nice to have the memories of what that blue bottle recalls. :)


B.S. said...

Maybe the stable blue bottle can symbolize her true self, before it was marred by the urgings of others. Her true self is still there, sure as the bottle.


"ME" Liz Strauss said...

What a lovely thought, Betty. Thank you for that! :)

Trée said...

I think she is a teacher (with a capital T)in disguise. Next time give her a cookie and see if she smiles. Cookies are way underrated in my book. They can do what a lot of people can't--make someone else smile. And that, in my cookie and tea world, is a big deal. :-D