Sunday, November 26, 2006

A Wonder

I’ve often thought of how we’re all connected somehow. An invisible thread of silver light as light, thin as air, pulls us like gravity connecting us. It’s the attraction that makes us bump into each other when we’ve gone too, too long without feeling another’s touch, a kind of soul searching, a physical hunger.

Our minds have this, hearts have this. We need to know that we’re not just one, not floating alone in a dark soundless universe. Our souls have this silent sonar turned on to pick up any trace, the slightest move of a kindred spirit that passes near, Should we discover someone who understands, who hears, who knows, the joy is so overwhelming; we’re almost calm with it. Standing and staring, we quietly whisper, “I hope you hear me, when I say this, but . . . you have just made me remember who I am.”

Thank you, thank you. You’re a gift unexpected, − priceless, humbling, inspiring.

For a moment, we’re all of who we are, who we might ever become. The stars wish they could be us.

It’s a wonder.
−me strauss Letting me be


Anonymous said...

You say it so exquisitely, Liz.

When our soul's sonar picks up on a kindred spirit, it's almost like a knee-jerk reaction. We have no control - just an automatic reaching out, following, wondering at the miracle of finding a fellow traveller, perhaps where or when we least expected it.

We can never set out to help another remember their deepest truth, but when it happens, it's the greatest gift we can give or receive, don't you think?

"ME" Liz Strauss said...

I sure think so, Dawn. To help someone remember who they are is to have someone do that for you. The two are the same thing intertwined, inseparable, and undecipherable. It's like water flowing as it should.

Tell No One said...

I always feel something more after I read your words. When I'm frustrated, not understanding, not connected, I come here and breathe again. I come here and let out a huge sigh that somehow lets me get to sleep.

You re-mind me often.
Thank You Liz,


"ME" Liz Strauss said...

I'm always grateful to see you here. It fills me to hear you sounding so aware of yourself and knowing what to do when you need somewhere to go. I'm always here. :0