Tuesday, November 28, 2006

No One's Listening

Do you see me? Can you hear me?

I’m here in the noise and the clutter, walking beside you.

Cell phone ring tones. MP3s and DVDs.
YouTube videos talking and singing. I wake up at night. No one is there.

We could sit beneath the old, white oak tree on the riverbank, just you and me.

No one’s listening.

Talking, talking. We’re all talking, while we’re typing at the same time we’re watching the weather report on TV. Music playing on the CD. Headphones, earphones, cell phones.
E.T. phone home.

We could go to the movie together and eat popcorn. You could be with me.

No one’s listening.

I’m hungry. I’m thirsty. I need to catch a plane. Hurry. Hurry. Hurry.
I feel nothing. No one seems to notice.

We could sit in the grass where the flowers grow and have picnic. What do ya’ say?

We’re all talking. No one’s listening.
Even when we’re whispering.
−me strauss Letting me be


Anonymous said...

The photo you chose is perfect. Doesn't life feel that way sometimes? Let's call a Time Out. Stop. Breathe. Really look at one another. Start a conversation. The world is truly a beautiful place and there's so many wonderful people all around us.

"ME" Liz Strauss said...

Let's call a time out. That's it isn't it. If only we could have a recess time, to go out on the playground together.

Janus Torrell said...

I still listen! Thats because I don't use my phone much except for work.

well that and playing games. I still listen though, it's part of the job :P

"ME" Liz Strauss said...

You're right. I agree with you. It's part of the job at work and in life too. :)

keed said...

i am compelled to listen by love and art

"ME" Liz Strauss said...

Hi Billy,
Tat;s a lovely response. You are an evolved human. :)

"ME" Liz Strauss said...

Hi ashwin,
Thank you. I guess someone will be listening after all. :0