Sunday, October 23, 2005


This Just In from The 65th Crayon:

“I’m sorry for any concern I might have caused,” the 65th Crayon said Saturday afternoon before boarding a plane for Chicagoland. “It appeared as if an alien disguised as a bus was eating people; I had to investigate. It’s in my wax. What can I say?” The prodigal reporter had not been heard from since his cell phone dropped out last Saturday during a report from Bedford, MA.

“I had already checked out of the Tollhouse Inn and was calling from the car. I told the driver to ‘Follow that bus.’ and he did. We ended up somewhere near Belfast, Maine. When we got there, we discovered it was a regular charter bus. The people were passengers on a yearly trip to see the changing colors.” our investigator said with some embarrassment. “I think they got more than they bargained for when they saw how many colors this embarrassed crayon could be.”

“Deflated. I tried to call our stringer reporter, S.L. Cunningham. I've always wanted to meet his cat.” the 65th Crayon said with respect. “That feline can bring in a story. But that was loss too—no answer. The cat never did like the phone. ”

There was a pause as our traveling reporter listened to flight information.

“I'm back. Anyway, just when I thought I was a total failure, I looked up and who should get off the bus? But Darth Tater! Mr. Potato Head’s Nephew.” The crayon went on to explain, “I met him during the interview a few weeks back.”

“As it turned out,” The 65th Crayon said gaining his crayonposure. “Darth had enough of the nice folks on the bus. He asked if he could hitch a ride with me back to Boston. It seemed like a chance to catch up on things, so I colorfully agreed.”

“When we got to Boston, he invited me to stay. He was hanging out at the home of a young lady he knows.”

The young Mr. Tater, also at Logan Airport, took the phone for comment.

“Six, that’s what I call him, was teaching me the advantages of crayon levitation over light sabers. We got so involved we had no idea that days had passed. It’s really my fault. I don’t even think that my lady friend even knew he was there.”

“Please don’t bring her into this.” the legendary spud’s nephew said. “She a great lady and she’s shown me such hospitality while I’ve been in town. We’ve done everything together. We’re even talking of crossing Jordan—though I’m not sure what that means. To protect her privacy I can’t tell you her name, but her initials are Jennifer Marie.”

“Darth, give-me-the-phone!” the 65th Crayon was heard to say.

“In any case, this case is closed. The flight is about to board. I’ll be home in about 3 hours if all goes as planned,” the reporter reported. “Please tell our readers I’m well and that I’m most apologetic. Also please tell all of the Jennifer Maries in and around the city of Boston and for that matter, any who have ever thought of Crossing Jordan, that Darth didn’t mean to give that name out. He’s just young and has a crush on her.”

The lady mentioned by the young Mr. D. V. Tater was unavailable for comment. It is said that she spent Saturday kayaking. We could not corroborate that. However, we were able to obtain this picture of the alleged shelter provider. Since the young woman depicted only allegedly gave shelter and then only possibly knew, in all fairness, we have altered the photo slightly for her protection.

As I complete the report, this editor still has questions—Just where do you go kayaking around Boston? Is Dark Tater sending a coded message from the Dark Side when he speaks of “crossing Jordan”?

We may never know.

—me strauss Letting me be
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Anonymous said...

There are plenty of places to kayak in Boston. The first thing I do when I move to Boston is go kayaking there. Though, come to think of it, I still need to learn how to kayak. Strike that previous sentence...

The second thing I do when I move to Boston is go kayaking there... after I learn how to kayak.

"ME" Liz Strauss said...

Thanks Mojo,
I sort of knew that. I was just trying to make Jennifer sound a little sinister. I mean don't you just need a windy river and a kayak? There's logs of those around that area. Rivers I mean. I don't if they still grow kayaks.
. . . I know one year the frost took the whole crop.


Anonymous said...


"ME" Liz Strauss said...

Thanks Cheryl,
That Crayon does get himself into some interesting escapades. He's an out-of-the-box one for sure.

I've been meaning to tell you how much I've the new pix. It brings out the "fineartist" in you and shows off your playful spirit. :)


Anonymous said...

What an article to wake up to!!! The 65th Crayon strikes again. Good to hear he wasn't lost!

You know I met this legendary Darth Tater...he's quite the remarkable fellow.

Rumor has it that one kayaking spot is located in Westport MA (near Dartmouth and New Bedford...East and South of Boston...)

Oh and you never can know exactly what Darth Tater means when he says "Crossing Jordan". And though I might have a clue...I've promised to keep my mouth shut :) Or maybe it's Darth Tater's and mine little secret...opps I mean his and someone else's...

It's good to hear he and the 65th crayon got along so splendidly :)

"ME" Liz Strauss said...

Glad to hear you liked the post. That is what you were saying, I hope. I had fun writing it in the wee hours of the morning and got rave reviews on it early today from my editor-proofreader friend.

Don't you live near where those two were hiding out? Could you possible know this woman they were talking about?


Anonymous said...

Yes I loved it...

And I'm pretty sure I know where they were hiding, but I've been sworn to secrecy :)

You know how it is...I can't betray their trust now can I?

"ME" Liz Strauss said...

No, Jennifer, you can't that would make you an outcast to toys and crayons everywhere. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.


Anonymous said...

I know this will be a suprise of all suprises - but - one of the favoriate places to kayak is in Groton MA. In fact there is a factory that make kayak's in Groton.

Of course one would have played with the outdoor class to know that.

Glad the crayon is back. I really like him.

"ME" Liz Strauss said...

Hi Margaret,
Good to see you.
Funny when I was in Groton I never saw the kayak factory. Though now that you mention it, I do remember seeing kayaks over by the plant nursery.

Darn. What I was missing by lugging the bark mulch all over the backyard.


Anonymous said...

When I go off into the kitchen to get a snack or cup of coffee, Pebbles, my cat, likes to hop up on my chair at my desk to check out his favorite blogs. It just so happens he has become an avid reader of the "65th Crayon." Usually he keeps his reactions to himself, but tonight he seemed pretty excited and called my attention to what he had been reading. It seems we had missed a visit from the "65th Crayon" itself. I told my cat that'll teach you for not answering the phone. You could've had your bag of Purina Special Mix autographed.
He's a little down right now, but he'll be okay. Needless to say, I do so love your "flights of fancy" and this is right up there with the best I've read so far.

"ME" Liz Strauss said...

Tell Pebbles, I'm sending her/him (?) something very special via email to you in a few minutes.

That should make a change in disposition.

Thanks Scot. My love to Pebbles. Sorry the guys missed both of you. Maybe you could have talked some sense into them.