Friday, September 30, 2005

Philosophy and Joe Walsh

Sometimes when I want to write the best thing I can do is still my self and listen. They say don’t go looking for love let it come to you. It could be that ideas work for me that way too. As much as I want to walk around looking for this idea or that great thought, if I put away the need to seek them out and wait patiently, I find the right ones often make their way to me.

In some ways I suppose this is a form of self-hypnosis. At the same time it feels the way they say your whole life passes in front of you. I sit in a chair slowly moving inward as if trying to fall asleep, but sleeping is not my goal—letting my subconscious know I’m not going to get in the way is what I’m trying to do.

Music is playing in my headphones, but only as white noise—the background pleasant. I sit inside the feeling of an idea being born. Soon enough a voice from the far off reaches of my mind whispers, and the words begin to tell me what they want to say. Often it comes from something I’ve been thinking about. Lately, I’ve been reading and thinking about philosophy. . . .

“ . . . Inside the silence is a symphony. Every note there is in every key. The music tells me how it wants to be. I help it write itself down. I hear the way that would sound. It’s like your favorite station, playing your favorite song just like they do on the radio . . . but the radio isn’t on.”Joe Walsh, Got Any Gum?

I sit alone beside this golden lake and still myself with silence. I realize that I am here alone, but I cannot be lonely. Each cell, each bit, each piece of me is full with tiny memories of every person, place, or thing that has touched me since the moment I was born—or maybe even before that.

I’m thinking like a frog hears, deeply from his tiny ears into his lungs.

Suddenly I know that I have magical powers. Any time inside my mind I can refold time and space to take myself back to this inner place. I can meet and be with the colors that comfort me. I can sit among the flowers. I can talk to God and feel the angels present. I can be my innocence. I can know my mother’s laugh again, and feel my father’s strong and gentle hand.

I can hear the music that hasn’t yet been written. I can see the art of masters lost in some abyss. I can know the meaning of my very own existence, while symphonies play for me and mathematics reenacts my dreams. I just need to still myself to listen.

Yet to share this place, I had to let the words tell me what to say.

Who would think that reading philosophy and listening to Joe Walsh could have brought me here tonight?

—me strauss Letting me be


Anonymous said...

I'm tempted to ask whether that was a real post, or an exercise on taking a book sentence (your lovely game), or a hybrid.
I want it to be real, so I can learn how to do it too!
Big Grins :-) - Thanks for a high.

"ME" Liz Strauss said...

Hi Cheryl,
It was definitely real.
It is exactly what I did.
No fooling around on this one.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting stuff here. I may be feeling a posting on creativity coming on. HA! Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving your interesting comments.

Anonymous said...

You convey the sense of serenity this exercise brought you so well.

Music, solitude, philosophy and introspection, a formula made for letting creativy flow.

I'm going away feeling peaceful.

"ME" Liz Strauss said...

Hi Mark,
It's always fun when a new face and mind joins the discussion.

Hope to see you around soon.


"ME" Liz Strauss said...

Than you Easy writer,
Thank you easywriter,
What I did was personal reflection leaning toward contemplation/meditation. I was very calming and nice to just open the channel and let the words come in. I do it that way when I write serious poetry, even more so--sometimes I hardly remember what I wrote. In this case the stuff over the picture was almost prewriting tof that after and all of it was edited only very lightly.

Anonymous said...

Your quote of Joe Walsh so well describes the creative process that this post is ultimately about--that is to say, finding that space within us where we give ourselves to the silence so that we can, as you say so well, ". . . sit inside the feeling of an idea being born."

That is when the magic begins.

As it does with this post. I like the quiet, contemplative mood that carries throughout.

Creativity is an exercise of mindfulness, which is why I love your incredible simile of the frog:

"I’m thinking like a frog hears, deeply from his tiny ears into his lungs."

I also use music to set the mood, depending on what I seem to be feeling. Paul Simon has been especially helpful lately.



"ME" Liz Strauss said...

Hi Scot,
Yes this one is a special one isn't it?

Thank you for noticing. You have a way of liking my favorite parts of what I write. This particular one took bits of everything that is now in my life including the darn frog. I'm glad I made him beautiful.

Thank you so much Scot.

Anonymous said...

Sheer magic ... sunny Liz ;-)

Your creativity suggest that you are a dealer in hope.

May those magic moments continue pepper this soulful blog.



Anonymous said...

CODA: How come that Albanians need 27 words for moustache? Weird and wonderful vocabulary from around the world

"ME" Liz Strauss said...

Hi Josef,
thani you for coming to see what's inside my blog. I appreciate your hopes that the blog continue to be a thought,soulful place.