Sunday, August 21, 2005

Scribbles: PBJ Sandwiches

This Just In from The 65th Crayon:

Most people are surprised to find out that the way they make a PBJ isn't the only way. In fact, the person sitting next to you at lunch everyday probably thinks you do it wrong. According an informal 65th Crayon survey, you are likely to find as many as five different ways to assemble peanut butter, some form of jelly, and two pieces of bread.

“Ask the question next time you’re with a group of friends,” The 65th Crayon suggests. “The conversation will last far longer than you expect.” The super sleuth crayon says that most people can't imagine that anyone could conceive of building a PBJ any way other than the way that they were taught as a child.

“That's JUST WRONG,” one woman vehemently responded, when told that some people put the peanut butter and jelly on the same slice of bread.

“NO WAY,” said an earnest young man, who learned from his mother never to put peanut butter on one slice and jelly on the other.

“Isn't that just like people,” said the out-of-the-box, 65th Crayon, “To assume that everyone thinks like they do.”

Along with this report, The 65th Crayon sent the following links:

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—me strauss Letting me be


Anonymous said...

This one is easy. The ONLY way to make a PBJ sandwhich is to leave off the J. Otherwise it's not fit to eat.

"ME" Liz Strauss said...

There you go!
Everybody has their own way to do it. The 65th is on smart super Crayon!

Anonymous said...

.oO(Ah, but I bet he doesn't put butter on it first...)

"ME" Liz Strauss said...

There ya go! Yet another way coming out of the clouds. That spunky little crayon is a genuis. I telly ya. He's a genius!:)

Anonymous said...

I am interested in your blogs.

"ME" Liz Strauss said...

Thank you Reynaldo,
I appreciate you saying so.