Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Down the Hallways

Sometimes my life seems like a open road, I'm in control of everything. Flowers bloom by side of a paved country road. Every now and then a pond glimmers in the sunshine.

Nothing could be more fine on a breezy summer day when I have nothing else on my mind. Nothing could fill me better. Nothing more could lighten my eyes or lift my cares away than a mental walk down my road.

Everyone has a road. It's theirs, of their own making. Everyone can go down their road any old time.

So why do I sometimes find myself walking down that hall that closes me inside? Halls are interesting, even those where the doors are artfully juxtaposed inside, inside, inside, and inside. And I keep thinking that the sky is outside. Outside is where I go to wonder and play.

I touch the wood walls. I slide my feet along the smooth floors. I hear my voice echoing as I whisper to remember my name. It's my name. It's my name. I say that over and over and over. Finally I reach the very last door.

When I walk through, I find . . . . the meaning of my life.

It doesn't matter, it wouldn't look the same to you.

But for me there is the most marvelous night sky in which I can see my name.

Heaven knows we're alive.
--,me strauss Letting me be


Dr.John said...

Heaven knows were alive. Horay!

ME Strauss said...

Yes! Now we just need to believe it!

Karin H. said...

Hi Liz

You can't have one without the other IMHO. The hallway teaches you the 'boundaries', the walls the way through and the doors are the steps you dare to take to go further down the hallway.
The last door, ah! The 'reward'? The pause and reflection on the 'road' just travelled?

"I'm in control of everything on the open road": that sums up my feelings during our quadruple celebration almost tow weeks ago already. Everything, really everything came together at the exact time, exact place with the exactly right company, weather etc, etc etc.

But it was the travel through the hallway that took me there, that made me aware of the 'open road' moment.

Karin H.

ME Strauss said...

Wow! Two weeks ago already!
How quickly our lives run by us. It's a good thing we have the hallways to slow us down to reflect a bit. I know I need that quiet, inside time to get back to who I am.

Karin H. said...

Reflection time for me is spend in an open area (our garden) - but only when the sun in out of course ;-)

My daily holidays Kent Blumberg called this and yes we do need that quiet time, wherever you 'like to go' for it.
Keeps us healthy, grounded and grateful.

Karin H.

ME Strauss said...

healthy, grounded, and grateful.

I so like how that sounds. :)

Leo Viƫtor said...

You should not only find your own road in life, but also hit it.
It takes a lot of courage.
Thanks for your story, Liz.

ME Strauss said...

Hi Leo!
Most days I make it to my road. Some days I stop off for a rest. It's when I break down along someone else's highway that I really need to regroup. :)