Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Red Tulip on the Table

It was there on the narrow table, under the window. A perfect red tulip placed by an unknown hand, for an unknown reason.

It was a gift. it was a puzzle, but for only a second, because it was hard to care about how it got there. The juxtaposition, the color, the light all worked in a way to say that was the only place this red tulip should be.

I wanted to stand and stare until my legs couldn't hold me. I wanted to perfectly mirror the red, yellow and green of the tulip in the colors that I wore that day. I wanted to imagine the story of the hand that had placed it there. I wanted to believe that it been left by an angel for me.

Tulips work hard to become flowers. They pass through freezing temperatures to find their way to Spring. The hard the winter is what provides the environment to feed the flower.

I wanted to believe the tulip was reminder about life that came when I needed it.

And so I did.

A red tulip perfectly set on a table wasn't a flower. It was a symbol of the hope, a gift perfectly chosen that arrived perfectly on time.
--me strauss Letting me be


billy said...

nice work

Dawn said...

Isn't it breath-taking when the perfect sign arrives at the exact moment? I think it's even more astonishing sometimes that I notice it, that I understand its' meaning and believe that it has a purpose beyond itself, a purpose just for me. Then it becomes a part of me -- just like you said about wanting to mirror the colors.

Pretty amazing, eh?!

ME Strauss said...

Hi Billy,Thank you!

ME Strauss said...

Hello Dawn,
It is heart-warming and fills me with hope to think that a sign might come just for me. That's when faith becomes part of the picture and I have to surrender my need to know . . . and thrive on my ability to blieve.