Thursday, March 08, 2007

A Light in a Colorful Sky

What dream it was. I awoke expecting the sky to be an entirely different color, and the day to be swirling with new ideas. Well, my head was swirling with new ideas, but the sky was it's usual blue and the clouds were their usual white.

But the dream was still with me in my head.

I had been walking a long, long road, trying desparately to find my way to a place familiar. I was overwhelmed, overtaken by color and darkness and the feeling that I was where I should not be. Then a voice, one I was coaxed into approaching. I'm not sure why I went over to talk to this lady. But the lady started telling me what my future needed to be . . .

She said she saw me as a leader of leaders, a light in a colorful sky. She said those that I needed must be mature and have their own means, so that I might ask them a question of my life.

The question is what still stays with me now as I ready to dream tonight. It was "How might I serve them as a leader so that I might bring wealth into my life?"

She called me a leader of leaders, a light in a colorful sky.

The strangest part of this dream was that I was not sleeping when it transpired.
-me strauss Letting me be


Robyn McMaster said...

Liz, to me you are a wonderful light in the sky and I truly hope you are truly blessed materially because you shine for so many others.

ME Strauss said...

Thank you, Robyn ,
The blessing of goodness is a gift I accept at your knee. I am smiling more at the love in your words. :)