Monday, March 12, 2007


It's always been my road that I'm walking. No one would argue that fact. I've never walked in a straight line. My road will attest to that. I've walked this road when I was too tired to crawl. I've walked this road when I was really dancing and half skipping my way to the next curve to see the other side.

I've wondered whether there is one part of the road that my feet have never touched and never will. I've wondered whether the trees alongside the road think of it as their road too.

I've spent years trying to find another road I might take. I've conjured other roads that were flatter, more hilly, and even dreadfully straight. I've always known that my destination is rare and one of a kind. How could my life be so twisted and tred upon any other way? Since I was old enough to know the idea of future. I knew mine held something extraordinary. Nothing ordinary seemed the way.

But I've never asked myself where exactly this road is going and how it came to be mine. Maybe it's time that I figure out what my road is about. It is the amazing reason I get up every day.
me strauss -- Letting me be


Dawn said...

For me, it seems that I'm better able to say where my road is going, but the part about getting there is a total mystery. I'm in charge of part of it, but there's another part I'm not. It certainly makes the journey more exciting at times. :)

ME Strauss said...

Hi Dawn,
Isn't that interesting that we have complementary situations? Maybe we should travel together for a spell to find out how and what the other knows about their road.

Media said...


I found your blog through surfing at Blog Explosion. Just a quick Hi :)



ME Strauss said...

Hi Franco!
Thank you!