Tuesday, February 13, 2007

White Icing

I awoke to darkness. I do that most every morning. First moments, I find my way to the kitchen to start the coffee. It's an arc outward and then inward like an s-curve to my computer to wake it for a new day as well. Then I'm off the shower, while my machines get their morning routines underway. My how efficient we all are in the morning.

When I return to the kitchen the coffee is ready. I pour myself a cup and doctor it up just the way that I like it first thing in the morning. I've the whole house to myself and the world is alseep. I carry the coffee over through the outward arc and inward arc like s-curve to my desk where I begin to open windows on my computer machine.

I take long sip of my coffee. Oh, there is nothing quite so delicious so comforting as that first taste of coffee in the morning when the day is dark and the world is still asleep. Once my windows are open, I start to write answers to emails and questions that people have left me during the night. This part is easy. I don't really have to think.

Then over my shoulder comes a ray of light. Then over my shoulder comes a ray of light again. I adjust the blinds so that I can see the screen. I adjust the blinds again. I reach over and take a drink of my coffee and then I wake up to what I've been doing. I pull my cup to me and cup it inside my hands as I turn around in my swivel chair.

I slow my brain as I pull back the blinds to look out the lake that goes on and on. It is one wonderful, white expanse to the horizon. It should be blinding, or maybe boring, but it's not. Instead it's merely inspiring, stunning, and breath-takingly beautiful. Sparkling in the morning sun, the lake shows off as the city begins to wake in the morning,

It's as if I've discovered the white icing on my life.
--me strauss Letting me be


dsnake1 said...

if only i had a view like that in the morning. all i can see in the morning is the block across and a parking lot. :)

every morning is a rush, guess i need to learn to slow down. :)

ME Strauss said...

Yeah, Dsnake,
I think we all need to slwo down a bit and take some time to see. There's a wonderful view outside every door for each of us to share.