Tuesday, February 06, 2007

When People Are Stars

I think of the stars and I think of the sky, but not always. Stars shine. They shine with such force and such deliberate light.

I’ve learned to see stars in so many places. I see stars twinkling in children’s eyes when a youngster meets someone who has a grand smile. I’ve watched stars for hours as they sparkled on snowflakes, falling past the dark, indigo sky under lights of the city. Stars glitter up to me from the sand on the beach. Stars are a part of my life if I open my eyes to see them.

On the dandelion that I blew away, little motes like stars flew through the air in a wave. In the concrete of the street by the house where I grew up, stars of light glimmer in the glass that sits in the aggregate. Stars are cookies and stars are sprinkles sundaes and cakes. The petals of flowers in a vase spread out to make stars in colors that stars don’t usually make. I draw stars on a pad of paper as I speak to a friend on the telephone.

People are stars when they shine on each other. They almost glow when they let themselves be. A cosmic sparkle that gets their eyes a twinkling and their personalities shine luminescent with the light of a cosmic glow. When people are stars, they light up the world with their wonder and beauty. When people are stars, they give off a glimmer that makes Orion jealous of their complexity. When people are stars, other people know there is nothing, not a word, not a feeling, not a thought about them to fear.

To be with a person who is a star is like looking so closely at the right cactus. When you see the starry part that a person is made of, you see how soft and attractive a person can be. People and stars are a wonder. Both can be awe-inspiring.
−me strauss Letting me be


Dawn said...

When people are stars, your eyes are automatically attracted to them, like a gravitational pull.

When people are stars, even that small pinpoint of light is enough.

When people are stars, they become a place to grow aware of those secret wishes that we thought would never come true.

ME Strauss said...

Hello Dawn,
Good morning!
Yes, people who are stars do attract us and pull us to them. I agree. What you wrote is poetry and music. Starry and wonderful!

dsnake1 said...

there are enough stars out there to be named after every person on earth, but no, they are stars only when they live and love their lives, walk this world with compassion & respect.

then you see the sparkle in their eyes and the joy in their smiles.

ME Strauss said...

Yeah, Dsnake,
That's exactly when you see the stars in their eyes when they walk in love and respect. Then the stars come out in their eyes and their smiles. :)