Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Winter Nights

On a winter night when you feel alone, when the air feels so still and so cold, listen. If you listen , listen deep with your heart, you will know why the winter air is so clear. Winter nights are special, magical, incandescent. The light from the moon on the snow sparkling in the clear, cold makes being alone a blessing. Listen and you will know.

I promise. Just listen.

The space of a winter night seems to go on forever. It reaches out seamlessly like a river. At the same time, it wraps and enfolds, so you know you’ll never fall. You know you’ll never really get old or ever have to hurt in your feelings again.

Some winter nights are made for walking the dog and listening to what your thoughts are thinking. Some winter nights are made for watching the stars hold up the sky as they are twinkling. Some winter nights are made for understanding that life is only what happens.

And some winter nights, when we’re dreaming, the sun comes a second time. It paints a splash of sunset where, a second ago, only dark was there.

Winter nights are special, magical, incandescent, but never, ever lonely.
−me strauss Letting me be


Tell No One said...

I'm smiling again! I read this today for the first time and looked at the date, noticing it was written Wed evening. The night I turned all of the lights in the house off and brought my children to the window to show them the moon. They were as entranced as I was and that made me so happy. The 4 of us stood staring out the window, quiet as can be at 6pm.

As we walked out the door to leave we finally saw the owl that's been talking to us for months now. We've all wanted to see him and this was the night he sat atop a leafless tree singing in plain view while looking at the 4 of us, on the ground. My kids were again...quiet and as entranced as I.

Everything fell in place this night. We were quiet and lots of things spoke to us : ) Thanks for writing this Liz. We felt it that evening even though I had no idea it was written.


ME Strauss said...

Dear Katrina,
Ah, you told me to write this. So I did. I never imagined that you would make it come true so literally.

Some winter nights are magical. How wonderful. This winter day is magical for me. :)