Wednesday, January 17, 2007

In the Silver Mine

Some folks search for gold with lust and a vibrancy. They live their life on the edge of survival. I don’t search. I wander. I wonder. I’m lucky, it comes to me. So does the rain, the snow, and the ugly slush.

But when I need time, it’s not the gold that I look for. When I need space, it’s not the riches I see. It’s the silence I crave. It’s wandering inside the silver mine. It might be dirty and unfinished, but it’s quiet; it doesn’t hurt my eyes; and it’s a constant discovery.

In the farthest corner of my mind are the silver linings of my lifetime. They’re waiting for me inside the silver mine anytime I need to go see.

In the silver mine of my mind are my golden memories.
--me strauss Letting me be


Dawn said...

Isn't it a wonderful and valuable experience to go mining inside ourselves? There are so many treasures hidden there. Some are new that I didn't know were there. Most times, the silver I find are memories I'd forgotten or let go of too soon.

Your post reminds me that when I need a quiet place, mining is good.

ME Strauss said...

The quiet peace of mining is good. I'm going to enjoy getting to know myself again. :)

michaelm said...

I've often found that writing uncovers and blows the dust away on the numerous shelves of my mind. I find myself re-experiencing my many 'so long ago' moments in a new and more introspective light.
When I understand better the places in my past, the world does grow quiet and the whispering voices cease. It's then that I thank the stars for putting a pen in my hand so long ago...
Once again, Liz, you make me think good thoughts.


ME Strauss said...

I so enjoy the reflections you bring to this blog. Your experience as a writer expands my own. You inspire.

Thank you.

dsnake1 said...

a silver mine. as a writer we are always digging in our minds to uncover the perfect phrase, the correct words. :)

i can relate to the part about silence. sometimes we just need the quiet to recharge ourselves.

ME Strauss said...

Ah, Dsnake, the chances to recharge come fewer and fewer. Let's go find a place to sit on a beach for a while. :)