Monday, October 02, 2006

Seven Wishes for Hans

“Let’s make a wish! What would I wish for/from the blogosphere.” he said.

Because he was Hans, who wore my scarf into battle, I promised I would.

Wishes don’t come hard for me, especially wishes for knights and heroes. So I wrote these seven as he asked, and I send them to Hans special delivery.

1. I wish the writing bloggers do would teach us to look at our thoughts, to hear what we’re thinking, to see that we worry about the same things, that we want our children to grow old and be happy.

2. I wish we’d remember that behind each word is a person, who wrote it, who thought it, who once was a child.

3. I wish we’d be aware that every word we write is here for our descendents to read, that they will see as strangers from earlier times, as people they only know from what they read.
4. I wish I had time to write a word every day to every person I’ve met and I will meet, to ask about their lives, their thoughts, their histories, and their dreams. I’ve met so many beautiful minds. I want to spend time with all of them.

5. I wish the people who didn’t blog could experience the weird synchronicity and serendipity that keeps occurring reoccurring as thoughts interconnect, friendships form, and genuine feelings are shared. I would miss the openness of our minds if I left.

6. I wish the Internet business model would show it's face to allow everyone who need work to put their skills to use in constructive ways. Imagine the world that would make. Imagine the innovations, the things we might build.

7. I wish we would breathe, that we'd look at the sky and remember the world turns without us. Then we'd see that we all worry about the same things, that we all want our children to grow old and be happy.

Big wishes all of them, Hans. You deserve no less.

Wishes do come true . . . some just take longer.
−me strauss Letting me be


Dawn said...

I'm not a blogger, but I enjoy visiting the blogosphere and appreciate the contribution that you and so many other people I visit make.
I hope that your wishes will come true.

ME Strauss said...

Hi Dawn,
You know my wishes inside out. Thank you for wishing them with me. I love you.

Marti said...

I wish I rmembered to get over here more often! LOL

Lovely and thoughtful as always!

ME Strauss said...

Hi Marti,
I love to see you whenver you make it here!

dsnake1 said...

what lovely wishes, Liz!

ME Strauss said...

Just a little wishful thinking. :)

Hans said...

Thanks so much Liz for doing the Tagger game. Yeah that's the first time I'm landing here, nice place Liz. I'll make it now.

That's why I love TaggerGame Liz, it's just not because of traffic but the one way and cool way to understand/know those whom I meet. When I see myself tagged, I would pass it on to those who visit me : I think that's the blogger's way to know a bit of his visitors. Those frequent persons I'm sharing thoughts with.

5) Leave blogging? yeah that's what I thought because my initial intention behind blogging wasn't what I'm doing now but then there're so many things I would have missed. Like this TaggerGame, knowing a great person like you, knowing all my visitors and having fun in sharing out thoughts and ideas. That's why I'm continuing to blog. To see where my mind and thoughts can bring me to.

I really wish all your wishes could come true. If only I knew the person who makes wish come true, I'll go to see him because now all of us are getting out a nice list. Then if I met him the only one thing I would ask him is to make everyone's wish come true.

But I think you've told me where to find him : time. Wishes come true with time, thanks.

ME Strauss said...

Your true heart is why I wrote this. It was worth every minute and every word. You are a special one.

michaelm said...

Just imagine...


ME Strauss said...

Yeah, Michael.
Just imagine.