Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Wonders Inside Out

Somewhere inside, far up in the sky, at the softest edge of everything, is the yawning, loving magic where music, grace, and color begin.

You have to listen carefully in the heart of night when the people noise is gone. It takes the light of one star and the patience of the universe. It needs a heart that listens and a grateful, quiet mind that hears. A telescope or recorder can’t do it, nor can a frightened soul bundled with stress and spiteful, ugly thoughts.

I think that this is how the first peoples learned to drum, to sing, to dance. They reached inside to find the sky and found stories in the stars to tell and musical words to chant. I’m sure they understood themselves to be part of the whole experience. That's how they found their gods, their gifts, their greatness to hear the music, see the colors, feel the grace that was themselves.

You have to be a child to know this fully . . . or a fully grown adult who knows that wonders come from the inside out.
−me strauss Letting me be


Dawn said...

Liz, there is a breathtaking harmony in what you've written here. It's the harmony of photo and feelings, the harmony of music, grace & color, the harmony of the Ancients and the Universe, the harmony of living ones' life from the inside out.

I feel like I start the day from a deeper place today because of visiting you here. Thank you.

ME Strauss said...

Hello Dawn,
Thank you for your comment in such lovely writing itself. I wish you a day with as much hope as this message carries.

Janus said...

I wish I could think like a child, not be childish but to be in awe and excited about things like I used to.

ME Strauss said...

Oh janue,
I think being able to do that is a matter of getting away from the things that tie us so tightly to the ground in real life.

Katrina said...

You're words make me sad...

ME Strauss said...

Oh Katrina,
I'm so sorry. My words are just words. I wish your sadness doesn't stay with you. I would want to give you words that might give you hope.