Monday, September 18, 2006


To think about it the way they do in school, the opposite of negativity would be something called positivity. In the world of Science and electrons, that seems just how it should work. In the world of people and feelings, that’s not even close to reality . . . I mean that literally. There’s not enough reality in that word that we might name positivity.

Pollyanna could tell you that and so would everyone who avoids her − those who think some negative thinking keeps us safe.

Negativity, that raining, dark cloud, floats over and turns off the sunlight. It makes it so that we can’t see things – it becomes a polarizing filter, raindrops on the windows of our souls. Soon we’re watching the drops run and race, and we’ve forgotten about butterflies or wild, velvety violets, or lovely Australian wine. Instead the rain is all we know. Our sorrow at being one with all of these becomes our sorrow at being alive.

Real positivity isn’t the opposite of that. The opposite of that would be as delusional and contrived. Real positivity is not a filter. It’s an opening of ourselves, our souls, our eyes. We can see the sadness of the rain, but we know that won’t keep the sun from coming back, bringing its warm life, letting us dance.

We’re a magnet for the opposite charge that . . . when things are negative a positive still has its 50/50 chance to be attracted, to orbit around us, to shed some influence in our lives. Positivity lets us see it when it comes, know its value, and hold it gently in our hands.

The sun and moon share the same sky.
--me strauss Letting me be.


Dawn said...

Liz, I know well the negativity and positivity you speak of. I know their other names, their aliases, and the effects they each can have on the world around them, as well as on each other.

Our sorrow at being one with it becomes our sorrow at being alive. I know this reality, too.

Positivity lets us see it when it comes, know its value, and hold it gently in our hands.
The sun and moon share the same sky.

Your bottom line makes me think more deeply. I find that I forget about the moon in the daytime, and the sun at night. This is a wonderful image to let play around in my head as I get ready to start a new day and week. You are such a Big Picture thinker, Liz. Thanks.

ME Strauss said...

Hi Dawn,
What fun it used to be to look up in the day to find the moon up the sky . . .It was like some sort of miracle! Yet it happens. Folks can call it science and explain it away. I know how and why, but to me it's still a miracle that it happens.

Dawn said...

Yeah. You'd think that someone who calls herself Dawn would have figured that out by now. Dawn: both day and night. The Big Picture was hiding in plane view. Thanks for jogging my memory.

ME Strauss said...

You bring me laughter at this edge of night. You see more than you give yourself credit for -- that I know . . . :)

Anonymous said...

Love the way you think, and am laughing because this debate over attitude affecting reality is turning up everywhere, like its a cosmic issue at the moment.
I was just taken by surprise by your post.
Nice one!

Cheryl (you're using beta, yes? I cant sign in to comment on beta, it wont let me)

ME Strauss said...

Hi Cheryl,
Yeah everyone seems to be tired of the negativity, and I am too, even the negative thoughts i've been thinking. This post was fun!

I've learned to get around the beta thing by choosing "other blogger" and just typing in my stuff as if I'm not on blogger at all. :)

Of course it still takes me three tries at the word verification. :)

TERRY said...

I came across your blogg accidentally, intrigued,
why do you see rain or dark clouds as negative?
Can one not see the positive in rain?
Why does one have to see the opposite to be positive? why not accept the rain, see the beauty within and feel the moment?
That's positive, not wishing or waiting for the situation to change.
Being one with where you are NOW is positive.
That's how I see it, hope I haven't offended anyone.
Good Luck.

ME Strauss said...

Hi Terry,
I thought of those things when writing, but I didn't want to write about horrible distracting things either . . . I was looking for opposites and so choose dark cloud and the idea of raining on a parade . . . Personally I love stormy skies so it didn't bother. It's very hard to find a negative idea when you are a positive person and vice versa -- I wanted to stay inside ideas not be graphic.

That's the only reason. Good question.

Katrina said...

That was Wonderful to read! Thanks Me Strauss :)

ME Strauss said...

Hi Katrina,
You're welcome.