Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Imagine God

If, in that first moment when everything started, I was the one who made the universe, I would hope that I would only make things so lovely, so worth exploring.

I would hope that my wishful wondering would be generous and giving to the creatures and beings that I would bring to life.

I know deeply that whoever made the stars and nebulae, flowers, and trees, the hawks and cockatoos, tigers and sharks couldn’t help but have a care for us.

If it were me, I would.

I would know exactly what I made.

I would know that the people I made could make mistakes. I would wish them all of the love to grow. I’d hope they’d find the way of love, hope their feet from the hardest roads.

I’d never choose for them, but I’d wish I could. What would be the point, if I did?

I’d watch like a parent, bearing their pain, reveling in their laughter. Never able to let them know it touched me; it moved me; it made me feel.

My first words on that first day would have been, “Let there be joy.” That would be my blessing for them for eternity.

I can’t believe a creator who made the trees would want us to hurt ourselves ever.

If a person can feel and understand . . . imagine God.

−me strauss Letting me be


Tell No One said...


That was beautiful. I prepare to read your blog like I prepare to read stories that I love. I can't simply plop down in front of my computer to do it. I must have a drink, a snack and the right frame of mind to enjoy. I only visit when I do.


ME Strauss said...

aimlvHello Katrina,
That one was a special one for me. I cried when I wrote it. I felt like a profound revealing.

Your words feel wonderful to hear about it. I picture you smiling. I'm smiling right back at you from inside your computer, of course.

Dawn said...

Liz, your post knocks the wind out of me. I've read it over and over.
It makes me feel full, as if I've eaten too much good food. I don't really have words yet even to say what I feel, except that I resonate with a depth of experience, of convergence with the mind & heart of God, that exudes from this post

My first words on that first day would have been, “Let there be joy.” That would be my blessing for them for eternity.

Today, this line brings tears.

Thank you for trusting your readers with this profoundly personal experience. It feels like one that can't be kept inside, but needs to be shared to make it real.

ME Strauss said...

Hi Dawn,
I haven't read it today. I'll to read it now. It certainly was profound in the writing. I'm not sure I've ever gone that deep, that far inside and out at the same time.

I understand your tears.

Trée said...

Liz, this might be the most beautiful post you have written to date. Believe me, when I think of God, I imagine and I smile and I wonder how you get inside my head so often. :-)

ME Strauss said...

I kenw that you would like this one, by my response to having wiitten it. It felt s pround. I was shaking.

Lance said...

Liz, I am glad you are inspired to write about God. If we simply read from the Bible and never venture from scripture in our imagination of God, we do not understand the images that inspire us in other areas of our life. To write about God is to seek a deeper understand for ourself.

Looking into what you wrote and to see your personal reflection is touching. I think you will understand as a parent. You want your children to learn healthy boundaries from small hurts to protect themselves from larger hurts later on in life. Free will gives those who look back to God with love and adoration a greater connection to Him.

Keep writing.

ME Strauss said...

Hi Lance,
Thanks for sharing what's in your heart and your soul. I understand every word that you wrote. I do feel as parent about my son as you said. I feel connected to both God and my son in much the same way.